The Game of Love: Dating app secrets of success

Wouldn’t you love it if users became addicted to your app? What if you could learn proven strategies and tactics to help make usage of your app habitual?

Dating apps have transformed the online dating experience of a decade ago, which centered on “best matches” through algorithms, into match-making entertainment based on gamification frameworks. Gamification has been a hot topic in the mobile space for quite some time. It can help drive one-time actions, such as registration or purchase, or repeated interactions, such as media consumption or community reputation. Paired with mobile messaging, gamification improves user engagement and loyalty while progressively gathering information to better serve app users in increasingly relevant and delightful ways.

So what can other apps learn from dating apps? Turns out, quite a few things. Our strategy consulting team identified four key strategies that spark enviable engagement for dating apps, and are equally as applicable to retail, media, travel, and health apps, to name a few.

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