The State of Mobile Marketer Tactics: 2016

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the yin and yang of technology to describe the noisy, hype-filled way new innovations take root, capturing mindshare before commercial viability and adoption. Mad precognitive skills, right? …yeah, Facebook Messenger and third-party bots are a thing, and we’re excited about the possibilities (more to come).

This week, we're offering you the latest view into the tactics marketers and digital business professionals are actually using or actively planning to pilot, bringing a dose of on-the-ground, in-the-trenches, state-of-today reality to the conversation.

Mobile Engagement Channels Marketers Use

For a limited time, you can get a complimentary copy of Forrester Research Inc.’s March 2016 report, “The State of Mobile Marketer Tactics: 2016,” from your friends at Urban Airship.

Within, you’ll gain perspective on where 114 marketers and digital business executives have placed their bets on channels for mobile customer engagement, as well as rates of adoption for sophisticated mobile tactics like interactive push notifications, Apple Watch app(s), beacons and augmented reality. You’ll also see the percent of respondents not planning to use various tactics at all.

The report’s charts offer clear signals into specific mobile marketing tactics that businesses are prioritizing. Just as interesting are the mobile marketing tactics that are just starting to gain adoption, as these more nascent tactics can offer customers differentiated mobile experiences.

Surprising Mobile Marketing Strategy Takeaways

As one example, I found it amazing that north of 60% of companies use iOS and Android apps, but only 23% use push notifications — a lever proven time and time again to quadruple app user engagement and double retention.

For interactive notifications, which offer businesses’ an immediate feedback loop with effortless button taps, only 12% of respondents are currently using them — despite being supported since July 2014.

This Is About You, Not Us (Promise)

If you get this report, I promise you’ll learn about much more than a range of capabilities we offer, many of which are available for free. But you could, and we dare say should, be using more of them. Just sayin’.