Tip the Engagement Scales with In-App Campaigns Inspiration

For most apps, successful app engagement starts and stops with whether or not they get the opt-in to push notifications. Users that receive notifications are 4X more engaged 2X more retained than those that don’t, and the average app loses more than 70% of opt-out users in the first 30 days past app download. The industry’s largest study of push notification opt-in rates recently found:

  • Average notification opt-in rates declined slightly year-over-year from 45% to 43%.
  • Within 15 verticals, opt-in rates for high-performing apps are 45% greater on average than what medium-performers see.

Marketers and brands striving to connect with mobile consumers obviously focus on optimizing and sustaining opt-in rates through best practice strategies. Those with more resources also go beyond push by working with their development teams to implement in-app message centers that can reach all app users—opted in or not. Until recently, those were really the only two options to deepen engagement with people that have taken the time to download your app. Now, new In-App Campaigns functionality offers the same total audience reach as in-app message centers, but without requiring developer resources and subsequent app updates. In-app campaigns take advantage of all of Urban Airship’s capabilities enabling business users to build in-app campaigns and author landing pages that feature interactivity, deep-links to app or mobile web pages, dynamic data tags for future segmentation and conditional automation rules for triggered follow on campaigns. Get inspired for the new world of mobile engagement by downloading our Inspiration Guide to In-App Campaigns.

In-app campaigns are shown immediately on app open and can be sent to the entire audience or highly targeted audience segments. The message appears at the bottom or the top of the app’s screen for a set duration or until the user interacts with the message. When a new in-app message gets sent, it replaces the old message. Marketers can also send the same message as a push notification with controls to avoid message duplication, so users responding to notifications won’t also see the in-app campaign. Inspiration to Get You Going In-app campaigns offer unlimited engagement possibilities to creatively communicate with your app audience. To help you unleash the power of all our out-of-the-box in-app campaigns capabilities, we’re proud to announce the availability of our new In-App Campaign Inspiration Guide.

The guide walks you through the steps for engaging your audience with the strength of in-app campaigns. The messaging possibilities are endless, easy to implement and powerful for growing your audience. And as shown below, they may even help you boost notification opt-in rates by reaching users within the context of their actions and what they care about.

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