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2019 Insights & Predictions in Customer Engagement
AJ Park, 23 Jan 2019

What do customers want? The answer can change, a lot. We gathered insights from leading digital marketing experts on how to keep pace and lead the race when it comes to upping your customer engagement strategy in 2019 and put them together in the “2019 Insights & Predictions in Customer Engagement” eBook.

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App Engagement in the Open Banking Era
Nigel Arthur, 13 Dec 2018

While the rise of Open Banking represents a huge opportunity to banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs), it also poses challenges. It’s easier than ever to change banking providers, and opening APIs to third parties means areas which have traditionally been dominated by banks are now far more competitive.

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Q&A: Get to Know Mike Stone, Urban Airship’s SVP of Marketing
Mike Stone, 10 Dec 2018

Michael Stone is the SVP of Marketing at Urban Airship, responsible for the company's market growth strategy, demand generation, communications and product marketing. For over 20 years, Mike has led marketing organizations and provided strategic consulting to technology companies. Most recently, Mike was SVP of Marketing for Salesforce Community Cloud—from its initial launch through four years of worldwide growth.

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Contenders in the Global Mobile Wallet Race
Corey Gault, 30 Aug 2016

Time's runninng out: grab your free copy of the Forrester report “Disrupting Finance: Digital Wallets" today.  This summer we blew the lid off the mobile wallet marketing opportunity. Unique use cases and dramatic results from POLITICO Europe and Sprint helped to expand people’s understanding of what’s possible with mobile wallets. In addition, a survey of 2,000 smartphone users found that adoption of non-payment mobile wallet capabilities is at a tipping point, ranging from loyalty…

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Apple & Google Got it Right — Apps are About Retention!
Bill Schneider, 16 Jun 2016

There’s a lot of discussion right now about what will make apps more successful. There’s even been discussion that we’re seeing the end of apps. While it’s certainly true that some apps are failing, it’s a massive overstep to suggest the best days are behind them and that it’s time to look at the next thing. Instead, just like businesses were trying to figure out how to integrate the web into their go to market approach 10 or so years ago, the use of apps is going through a similar…

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The State of Mobile Marketer Tactics: 2016
Corey Gault, 19 Apr 2016

Just a few weeks ago we wrote about the yin and yang of technology to describe the noisy, hype-filled way new innovations take root, capturing mindshare before commercial viability and adoption. This week, we're offering you the latest view into the tactics marketers and digital business professionals are actually using or actively planning to pilot, bringing a dose of on-the-ground, in-the-trenches, state-of-today reality to the conversation.

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SXSW Mobile Saturday Recap: When Success Means an Always Vanishing Customer
Melissa Manser, 31 Mar 2016

User acquisition costs are at an all-time high (~$3 a pop according to Fiksu), so attaining and retaining app users is key. But for brands like Zillow and eHarmony, succeeding at doing so comes at a cost — an always vanishing customer base. In the fourth Mobile Saturday panel, “When Success Means an Always Vanishing Customer,” panelists discussed effective acquisition strategies for their brands and techniques to cater to different customer groups for an improved experience.

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The Next Big Thing is Already Here
Mike Herrick, 18 Mar 2016

Our team just returned from SXSW where we hosted our fourth annual Mobile Saturday, bringing together customers, experts and partners to focus on key mobile topics. I’m constantly amazed at the quality of discussion and practical advice that’s shared, but it’s always the one-liners that incredibly and memorably sum up the status quo. Technology inspires a culture of innovation — a bright and shiny, constant reimagining of the future.

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