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If you’re a product owner or mobile marketer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about creating the best possible experience for your users. But, to help inform your decisions, what mobile analytics should you monitor? And how do you measure success and/or mobile app ROI? The only way to know what works — and what doesn’t — is to track it. Read on for thoughts on how you can use mobile analytics to get the most of your app.

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App Engagement in the Open Banking Era
Nigel Arthur, 13 Dec 2018

While the rise of Open Banking represents a huge opportunity to banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs), it also poses challenges. It’s easier than ever to change banking providers, and opening APIs to third parties means areas which have traditionally been dominated by banks are now far more competitive.

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Upcoming Webinar: Boost Email Engagement with Real-Time Mobile Insight
Urban Airship, 1 Aug 2016

Research shows that mobile is now the first place people typically turn when they have a question, are interested in a product or want to learn about something new. The mobile data collected as part of this process can truly help make other marketing initiatives more successful. Let Urban Airship and demonstrate how.

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Mobile A/B Testing Adds an “n”
Bill Schneider, 27 Apr 2016

As human beings, we’re naturally wired to try and find the best outcome. With mobile, irrelevant messages can be the difference between someone keeping or uninstalling your app; notifications must provide value to drive conversion. Our goal is to help you identify what content conveys that value best. Urban Airship has offered the ability to test two different versions — a classic A/B test — of a notification for quite some time. But we've heard that you want more so, today, we're unveiling A/B/n testing.

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Devices and Timestamps: Seriously Though, WTF?
Todd Johnson, 14 Apr 2016

The data team at Urban Airship has a simple objective: to empower our customers to understand the behavior of users within their app, especially as it relates to the success of their messaging campaigns. An issue arose with timestamps though — we see a lot of events that claim to have happened before Urban Airship was founded, and a non-trivial number that claim to come from the future. Sorting this out has been (and continues to be) an adventure, to say the least. Let us explain!

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The Interplay of Data and Personalization
James McDermott, CEO, Lytics, 8 Apr 2016

We’ve all experienced a marketing message that doesn’t hit the mark. Perhaps it was a direct-mail piece about cellular service from a telecommunications provider, but you’re already a customer. Or an email marketing offer from a children’s retailer, but you don’t have kids. These one-to-many marketing gaffes have sabotaged relationships between consumers and brands, but they have been what’s available. That’s why personalized, one-to-one marketing has long been the holy grail of marketers.

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3 Key Mobile App User Stats & Opportunities
Simmi Singh Corcoran, 4 Apr 2016

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is often quoted as saying: “Skate to where the puck is going to be.” The reason to invest in a mobile app is similar: companies need to go where customer trends are going — on mobile. While some of our latest findings on mobile app usage may seem obvious, many were not at all what we expected.

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Abandoned vehicles and data silos
Michael Richardson, 20 Jan 2016

We had a car towed today. It was a cause for celebration, since this car had been parked on the street in front of our house for months. And, hopefully, it will be cause for celebration for the owner, who reported it stolen months ago. However, we were left feeling frustrated with how difficult it was to get this done. Surely there was a better way? And why is dealing with almost every organization an exercise in how persistent you can possibly be until you can finally get a basic thing done?

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Why We Built Urban Airship Insight
Urban Airship, 18 Nov 2015

Urban Airship now has two data solutions to help mobile teams close the insight-to-action gap and fuel user-centric actions across any business system either in minutes or in real-time.

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