Mobile App Retention

Once you’ve gotten your app onto a user’s phone, the hard work is over, right? In fact, without a retention strategy, you risk losing the majority of the users you worked so hard to acquire. But you can reduce that churn dramatically by optimizing your mobile retention strategy. Read more about how to retain your mobile app users in the posts below.

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Apple & Google Got it Right — Apps are About Retention!
Bill Schneider, 16 Jun 2016

There’s a lot of discussion right now about what will make apps more successful. There’s even been discussion that we’re seeing the end of apps. While it’s certainly true that some apps are failing, it’s a massive overstep to suggest the best days are behind them and that it’s time to look at the next thing. Instead, just like businesses were trying to figure out how to integrate the web into their go to market approach 10 or so years ago, the use of apps is going through a similar…

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Upcoming Webinar: Getting the Opt-In
Urban Airship, 30 Mar 2016

What separates “mobile innovators” from brands that are just “checking the box” with a mobile marketing strategy? It’s simple: ongoing customer engagement. Our webinar on 6 April will address all this and more.

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The Mobile Engagement Loop: A New Take on the Marketing Funnel
Urban Airship, 30 Oct 2015

The mobile engagement loop is a new approach to viewing your customer acquisition and conversion efforts. Marketers have relied on the well-known marketing funnel to guide their efforts, but it does not account for the opportunity brands have to continually engage with their customers. The mobile engagement loop does this and more — it challenges marketers to think beyond one conversion cycle and integrate re-engagement into the process. In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the four…

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