Upcoming Webinar: Good vs. Great Mobile Engagement: Getting the Opt-in

What separates mobile innovators from firms ticking the mobile box? It’s simple: ongoing customer engagement. The first key is getting customers to opt-in to notifications. On average, opted in users are four times more engaged with apps and are retained at double the rate of other users.

Urban Airship recently compiled the industry’s largest study of opt-in rates and trends to provide benchmarks across 15 different industries. Hear what our speakers have to say, and find out if you are ahead, behind or (shudder) simply average.

Speakers include:

  • Lucy Tesseras, Features Writer at Marketing Week
  • Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting at Urban Airship
  • Neel Banerjee, Senior Product Manager at Urban Airship

Hear lively discussion across the following key questions:

  • How do my engagement rates compare to peers?
  • What’s the difference between average and top performers?
  • Are notification opt-in rates remaining steady?z
  • What are the top 10 actions you can take to improve opt-in rates?

Join our live webinar on Wednesday, 16 December 3 PM GMT, 10 AM EST to learn more.