Urban Airship August Release Notes: Message Expiration

We understand that not all notifications are created equal. Time-sensitive messages can become irrelevant or outdated quickly, often immediately, if they are not delivered right away.

Urban Airship’s Expiration feature allows you to attach an expiration window to any message center offer. For example, you could set expiry for a Labor Day Weekend offer so that it is removed when the sale is over, helping you reduce clutter and keep your users’ content fresh and relevant. You might even choose to set a standard expiry on all messages sent to the Message Center (e.g., 6-month or 2-month expiry) so that a user’s inbox never becomes too stale. In the example below, a 7-day expiration is set, meaning it will not longer be available in users’ Message Centers after 7-days from the send time.

For push notifications, if a mobile device is offline when a notification is sent, the platforms (APNS, GCM and ADM) will store the most recent message for delivery when the device comes online. Urban Airship’s Notification Expiry is a convenient way to put a relevant "window of deliverability" on outgoing messages to iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

By setting an expiry value, you are telling the platforms to make no such further delivery attempts after the expiration time has been reached. Expiry values can be set in terms of minutes, hours, or days following the send time, and a value of 0 will instruct the platform to deliver the notification “now or never,” meaning that if the message can’t be delivered immediately, it will be discarded and not re-attempted.

For both notifications and Message Center messages, the expiration time is relative to the send time of the message. See Platform-Specific Options for more details on Notification Expiry.