Urban Airship Demonstrates Integration of Alaska Airlines Loyalty Program in Google Wallet at Google I/O

As the race to win mobile loyalty heats up, apps and digital wallets enable brands to gain invitation onto consumers’ mobile devices and build a directly addressable audience. Those that keep their brand in consumers’ hands do so by focusing on fine-tuning relevancy over simple broad reach and delivering value over repetitive frequency.

As a Google Wallet Sandbox partner, Urban Airship was invited to deliver a Developer Sandbox demonstration and teamed up with Alaska Airlines to demonstrate new functionality enabled by the Google Wallet API.

Google Wallet’s new API enables merchants and brands to create loyalty cards that are discoverable within Google Wallet including a 2-click signup process to the brand’s loyalty program.

Cards can also be added to Wallet from “Save to Wallet” buttons anywhere on the Web, while existing members can scan their physical card to have it added to Google Wallet.

The Urban Airship and Alaska Airlines Sandbox will show developers how to build loyalty programs with Google Wallet, with examples spanning discoverability, loyalty sign-ups through Google Wallet and issuing cards that span all tiers of Alaska’s loyalty program.

Urban Airship’s solution allows Google Wallet customers to build cards that include six industry use cases: Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Gift Cards, Member Cards, Event Tickets, Boarding Passes and a Generic template to cover other unique use cases.

Using Urban Airship’s digital wallet solution, Google Wallet cards are created through a simple drag-and-drop visual builder.

Once created and stored in Google Wallet, card information can be dynamically updated through simple calls to Google Wallet's API to reflect new membership levels, new offers or flight gate changes, for example. One interesting feature of Google Wallet cards is the in-card message center that can sustain and grow engagement and redemption by sending messages to audience segments through the Google Wallet API.

Both of Urban Airship’s Sandbox demonstrations showcase new mobile loyalty, reward and engagement capabilities. Developers that want to be the first with access to these new Urban Airship Google Wallet capabilities can sign-up here.