Urban Rivals Adds Push, Sees User Engagement Skyrocket

Urban Rivals, a multiplayer card game, was looking for a way to extend the interactivity of its iphone version. This massively interactive game supports more than 8 thousand players and has hosted more than 700 million games. In the game, players must use their wits and tactical sense to win fast-paced strategic battles against multiple players in various locations.

“Our players are forming a vibrant community, organizing tournaments, exchanging privates messages and so on,” says Sebastien Flory, CEO and Founder of Urban Rivals. “Because Urban Rivals is such a natural fit on the iphone, we wanted to include every possible feature available to make Urban Rivals as engaging on the mobile device as it is online.”

Sebastien continues: “Although we already have a solid infrastructure in place, we didn’t want to re-invent the wheel by re-implementing all the plumbing with Apple’s servers. It’s always easy to make it work but making sure it’s reliable is another problem entirely. After checking out the Urban Airship docs and the sample, it was clear to us that the solution was simple, robust and efficient. After a few hours, it was all set up and we were sending notifications.”

Urban Rivals says its players really appreciate the push notifications and the company has seen user engagement skyrocket. “We also really liked the flexibility of the tags system,” add Flory.

Flory kids that he really went with Urban Airship because it shares a word with Urban Rivals, but adds, “All joking aside, if you like to focus on your product and avoid unnecessary trouble, go for Urban Airship.”