Verizon iPhone and CES point to promising future for mobile app developers

By just about any account, the announcement on Tuesday from Verizon looks to be the launch of the iPhone on the much-heralded carrier’s network. The reality is that while this is great news for a whole new swath of customers for the iPhone, its also a huge boon for mobile app developers.

Mobile publishers now have a huge opportunity to reach a whole new swath of users with their apps. We learned in our 2010 Mobile App Developer survey that devs are looking hard at how they can succeed on multiple platforms and Android continues to dominate that conversation. Giving Apple a new carrier to sell their phones on domestically will be huge for their bottom line and that of the developers on iOS.

I spent last week at CES in Las Vegas and saw a whole bevy of new connected devices with a fair chunk of them running Android. Motorola had some compelling new offerings as well as Vizio, the world’s leading LCD TV manufacturer, also announced new phone and tablet offerings based on Android that work with their TVs. All of these devices and all of these options means ever-connected mobile devices and the apps that run on top of them are here to stay. We couldn’t be more excited here at Urban Airship as we know our customers will continue to need tools and services to engage and monetize their apps over time on all of these devices.

We look forward to the announcement on Tuesday.