Verizon Wireless Picks Urban Airship for Push Notifications

Today at the Verizon Developer Conference in Las Vegas, Verizon Wireless announced it has selected Urban Airship as its preferred provider of smart-phone push notifications for mobile apps developed across the Verizon network. Today, two of our company founders will take the stage in front of hundreds of Verizon Wireless developers to explain the benefits of push notifications and how they help organizations add value to their mobile endeavors.

We see this as a huge validation of the new mobile channel, especially the potential of push notifications to deliver ongoing value to mobile apps after they’ve hit the market. Businesses that have integrated our AirMail Push mobile messaging services into their apps have realized tremendous benefits, from increased usage to actual revenue gains.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Verizon Wireless, who like us, seeks to help developers create and enhance the value of their applications. By expanding the number of tools available, including AirMail Push, to members of the Verizon Developer Community, the carrier is providing cost-efficient options for smart phone developers.

Verizon developers: Welcome! We are looking forward to working with you. We’ll be providing interested parties with tools and resources to guide development, produce higher quality applications and capitalize on Verizon’s powerful mobile device distribution. Here is some info to help you get started.

Push Messaging Overview

Push notifications optimize mobile apps. They strengthen user engagement, open up monetization opportunity and provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of mobile campaigns. Using the Urban Airship mobile services platform also helps developers scale their applications.

One of the problems you, like any mobile publisher, face, is how to get your users back into your app once it has become available and downloaded onto their devices. You might see some inertia from your users, who might forget about your app and let it sit unused on their devices. A push notification sends a short message to your users—from within the app—that not only provides information relevant to them but also serves as a reminder for them to go back to the app. Your app users win too; because they opt-in to control which push notifications they want to receive and how they’d like to be notified (via badge update, sound or text alert).

The more users use your app, the more they engage with your brand, organization or service. This engagement, of course, opens up revenue-generating opportunities for up-selling additional relevant content to users. It also helps your business develop sponsorship and marketing options. (Of course, the push notification itself is not a medium for direct marketing to users; but savvy publishers can turn that increased user engagement into opportunity.) Mobile messages are also the perfect complement to in-app purchase content delivery – if you have additional content that users might be interested in, what better way to let them know about it than directly from the app?

Push notifications provide unique insight into app user behavior. You can track which messages prompt the most response; what times of day are most effective for sending messages; which devices or time zones or platforms spur the greatest engagement. Understanding your user behavior will help you decide how and when to tailor messaging campaigns to specific users or to users meeting certain patterns. This data helps you glean valuable insight to improve your mobile outreach.

Urban Airship’s cross-platform infrastructure helps you maximize your reach. From one API, you can send millions of messages across the Android, Blackberry and Apple iOS platforms. At the end of the day, you don’t really care which devices your users carry in their pockets; you just want them to use your app.

Our solid technology is based on the following principles:

• Provide a simple user and developer experience

• Scale

• Deploy easily as a SaaS solution

• Offer one API to reach any device

• Construct a flexible API upon which developers can build

• Leverage the power of the Amazon EC2 infrastructure

• Build a strong technology foundation using Memcache, Cassandra, Python and Java

How We’ll Work With Verizon Developers

Urban Airship will open its AirMail mobile messaging technology to the Verizon developers network. Any developer considering offering push notifications will be able to work directly with our team of engineers. Urban Airship will also provide code libraries and integration and technical support to guide development and ensure that you successfully integrate our AirMail mobile messaging tools. Our developer resource page has tons of info, including API documentation, to get you started.
Why Urban Airship

We’d like to think it is our warm smiles and generous personalities that wooed the Verizon execs, but we hear it is our demonstrated market leadership in mobile – the nearly 1 billion push messages we’ve delivered to more than 60 million unique devices on three platforms—and of course our solid technology and end-to-end mobile services platform.

Got questions?

Contact us however you’d like. Visit our support site or our IRC chat channel (#urbanairship on; we have a contact us form on our site; we host support forums… and we even use email ( and the telephone. There is always more than one way to connect.