Which metrics matter most to the success of an app?

We always start with your app’s business objectives: What is your goal?

- Audience engagement, which can drive advertising revenue for media apps;
- Sales conversions, the bread and butter of many retail apps;
- Long-term brand loyalty, a major objective of travel and hospitality apps?

From this starting point, we help define objectives for specific campaigns that can be quantified by push-influenced app opens, user actions within the app, or retention of installed users. Although most of our customers monitor the raw number of app downloads, we find that app retention is a better indication of whether customers think the app is successful in serving their needs.

According to our Good Push Index, apps across every vertical experience a major dropoff in installs the first month following a download. Much of our strategy session time is devoted to helping brands maintain their place on mobile devices. Your app’s rating and description in the app store can also contribute to its success. Brands such as Rue La La and Pandora, which educate customers on the download page about the benefits of push and location sharing, tend to see higher opt-in rates than others in their industry.