Why We Built Urban Airship Insight

By Neel Banerjee, Senior Product Manager

For the second time in as many months, we’ve unveiled a new product that promises to change the game in how companies can extract massive value from mobile data. Whereas Urban Airship Connect focuses on data freedom between business systems, Urban Airship Insight sets its sights on empowering mobile marketers to solve a fundamental unmet need that perfectly complements traditional mobile analytics. And this new solution couldn’t come at a better time.

Forrester Research, Inc., pegged app usage as being 5 to 10 times higher than Web activity back in 2014 (Brief: Systems of Engagement Take Center Stage, 5/16/14). Meanwhile, Deloitte Digital estimates that mobile’s influence on offline sales has grown 500% in the last three years, accounting for more than half of digital’s influence on 64% of all transactions (Navigating the New Digital Divide, 5/13/15).

Mobile is the front door to business with the best view into what customers care about and what they are most likely to do next. And increasingly it's mobile marketers, not developers that are most frequently charged with the task of creating powerful and amazing app user experiences to drive the business.

Currently, marketers’ ability to fulfill this mission is limited by existing approaches that rely on pre-defined reports and aggregate data, without quick ways to get to the users behind the metrics. Without user-level details, many data solutions are relegated to analytics professionals and after-the-fact optimization of workflows and campaigns, rather than driving instant 1:1 action with the people most likely to immediately impact results.

Today, we’re taking a gigantic leap forward by announcing Urban Airship Insight, a product designed to give you actionable audience intelligence. With Urban Airship Insight, you will no longer be forced to stare wistfully at high-level dashboards, wondering what — and who — is causing a shift in numbers. You’ll be able to uncover precise audience insights, see the people behind the metrics, and instantly get user-level details to drive targeted action in any business system.

We built Urban Airship Insight so that marketers can be independent and autonomous in answering key questions about their app audience. You can combine and pivot any mobile engagement data point to uncover precise insights and immediately get user-level details to drive action in our mobile engagement platform or any other system: email, SMS/MMS, marketing automation, etc. Or perhaps you’ll want to export users matching a segment to enrich CRM profiles or to perform further analysis in BI solutions.

Easy-to-use ad hoc data querying, cohort analytics, conversion funnel and RFM analysis will help you zero-in on the audiences and programs most likely to drive the next phase of growth and which content or campaigns are leading to app deletions or inactivity. You can go beyond "what" happened and understand "why,” and then act immediately.

With today’s constantly connected consumer, the amount of time that you have to make an impact on the customer experience is getting smaller and smaller. It’s not just about their instant gratification and your bottom-line. It’s about exceeding their expectations with unparalleled timeliness, relevancy and responsiveness that captures and keeps their hearts and wallets.

With Urban Airship Connect generally available today, and Urban Airship Insight coming in early 2016, mobile teams will have two solutions to close the insight-to-action gap and fuel user-centric actions across any business system either in minutes with Insight or in real-time with Connect and its partner ecosystem.

Visit our website or join us for a webinar on December 9 at 7am or 10am Pacific to discover how Urban Airship Insight will enable you to unlock new data-driven use cases that haven't been possible before.