Windows 7 will be fastest growing 2011 mobile OS. Does it matter?

There is an article out on TechEye and a number of other places pointing to Windows 7 being the fastest growing mobile OS for 2011. Our own 2010 Mobile App Developers Survey backs this up in terms of developer support of that platform. While only 5.9% of our developers responded that they supported Windows 7 in 2010, 24.4% indicated that they will be supporting it in 2011 showing an impressive 414% growth rate this year.

That said, measuring growth rate certainly doesn’t tell the story of mobile OS success. 24.4% support in 2011 pales in comparison to iOS’s 90% and Android’s 73.8% support numbers. 2011 will certainly be important for Microsoft to gain and accelerate traction in a market for smart phones that has been passing them by, but it’s important to remember that intention does not equate to adoption.

What do you think? Does Windows 7 matter?