Yowza!! 2.0 live with Urban Airship enabled Push Notifications

It’s been a busy day here at the Urban Airship world headquarters. We just got word that the Yowza!! 2.0 iPhone app (iTunes link) has just gone live in the app store and they have added a bevy of new features including push notifications (powered by Urban Airship).

Yowza!! is an app that allows you to find coupons for local vendors along with receiving notifications when new coupons become available. With 2.0, they have added push notifications, the new “My Stores” tab, and the ability to Share your Savings with friends.

From August Trometer, co-founder of Yowza!!, “Since our app is a mobile coupon application, users, of course, want to know as soon as new deals ‘arrive’. With Push Notifications, we let users choose which store locations they want to keep track of. Then, when any of those stores have a new offer, we fire off a notification to let them know.”

On integrating our services, August continues, “Working with Urban Airship has been great. Though it sounds like it’s trivial to implement, Push Notifications are actually a very tricky technology. Urban Airship made it a snap for us to integrate Push Notifications into our app.”

You’ll start to see Yowza!! hitting the app store over the next couple of hours. We highly recommend it!