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Urban Airship Integrates with Apple Pay to Support Automatic Rewards Enrollment at Checkout and Ongoing Customer Engagement

23 Feb 2017

Urban Airship Reach is the first mobile wallet marketing solution to support automatic reward enrollment and ongoing engagement at checkout through Apple Pay. New VAS protocol support for mobile wallet loyalty passes joins VAS support at the terminal to enable single-tap loyalty-to-payment experiences. Consumers gain a fundamentally new, streamlined experience, while businesses can grow loyalty programs with instant enrollment and customer information pulled directly from their iPhone.

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New Urban Airship Study Reveals App Publishers that Don’t Message Users Waste 95 Percent of their Acquisition Spend

16 Feb 2017

The number one factor that impacts app audience growth is user churn. To help, Urban Airship analyzed the first 90-days of app usage for more than 63 million new users mapping retention rates to the frequency of notifications received. Both Android and iOS show two strong groupings for 90-day retention levels that point to the need to move to more frequent messaging, which apps can attain by being more responsive to individuals’ in-app or cross-channel behaviors.

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Urban Airship Sees Rapid Worldwide Adoption of its Mobile App Engagement Starter Edition

1 Feb 2017

In 14 months more than 14,000 businesses have created Urban Airship Engage Starter Edition accounts to grow app user engagement with hundreds moving to paid plans and premium products as their app audiences and business needs have grown. There's an amazing amount of mobile app innovation taking place in all corners of the globe, and this freemium solution is helping businesses of all sizes grow, while also being a path larger organizations choose for ease and speed of deployment.

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Urban Airship Recognized in New Mobile Engagement Automation Report

22 Nov 2016

In the accompanying “Toolkit: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions,” Forrester notes that Urban Airship “…was one of the first to offer a suite of services around interactive simple and rich push notifications, mobile wallet, Apple Watch, and Android Wear. …[it] boasts a strong DMP-like capability that can stream real-time, customer-centric mobile data to existing marketing platforms and business systems. …[its] tools go further than most to import non-mobile data (e.g., POS) and export any data to other systems.” 

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Urban Airship, DigitasLBi and POLITICO Europe Win Industry Award for EU Referendum Tracker for Apple Wallet

21 Nov 2016

POLITICO's innovative use of mobile wallet technology nabs Mobile Marketing Magazine's Most Effective Publisher Offering award with strong business results. In seven days, POLITICO gained 10,000 passholders and used Urban Airship Reach to dynamically update pass contents with breaking news, polling data and real-time voting results, complete with lockscreen messaging alerting users to new content.

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Urban Airship Expands its Mobile Platform to Transform Customer Communications

2 Nov 2016

Among several advancements announced today, next-generation Open Profiles and Open Channels platform services will enable businesses to use real-time customer data from any system to individually interact with customers on any platform, device or marketing channel. The first actualization of this open channels approach is support for Apple News notifications.

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