Urban Airship Subprocessors

Date:  May 15, 2018

A subprocessor is a third party data processor engaged by Urban Airship, including entities from within the Urban Airship Group, who has or potentially will have access to or process Customer Data (which may contain Personal Data). Urban Airship engages different types of subprocessors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below.

Prior to onboarding subprocessors, Urban Airship conducts a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of such subprocessors to ensure the subprocessors provide a level of security and privacy appropriate to their access to data and the scope of the services they are engaged to provide. Subprocessors are re-authorized upon contract renewal or on an annual basis. Urban Airship’s sub-processors include:

Infrastructure Subprocessors

Entity Name

Services provided


Security and Privacy Information

Google Inc.

Google Cloud Platform




Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Amazon Web Services




Akamai Technologies, Inc.

WAN; CDN; Cloud Security

USA; Globally for CDN


Service Specific Subprocessors

Urban Airship works with certain third parties to provide specific functionality within the Service. These providers are the subprocessors set forth below. In order to provide the relevant functionality these subprocessors process Customer Data. Their use is limited to the indicated Service.

Entity Name

Services provided


Security and Privacy Information

Zendesk, Inc.

Technical Support Platform Provider

https://www.zendesk.com/company/ policies-procedures/regional-data-hosting-policy/

https://www.zendesk.com/company/ customers-partners/eu-data-protection/

Message Systems, Inc. d/b/a SparkPost (applicable only if Customer uses Email services via Urban Airship)

Email service provider



CLX Communications Inc. (applicable only if Customer uses SMS services via Urban Airship

SMS service provider



Urban Airship Group Subprocessors

The following entities are members of the Urban Airship Group. Accordingly, they function as subprocessors to provide the Service. 

Entity Name


Urban Airship, Inc.

United States

Urban Airship UK Ltd

United Kingdom