In-App Automation Playbook

Trigger Automated, Real-Time Notifications In Your App

In-app messages are a vital for connecting with your app users. With our new in-app automation engine, we’ve made it easier than ever for marketers and product owners to create in-app campaigns that drive towards key goals in your apps.

In this playbook, we’ve pulled together everything you need to get started using in-app automation to drive improvements in onboarding opt-ins, feature adoption and more in your in-app messaging strategy, including:  

  • How in-app automation can fit into (and help you get more value from) your omnichannel messaging strategy

  • The anatomy of an in-app message — including the 3 styles of in-app messages — as well as criteria brands can use to trigger messages

  • 6 use cases, each with triggers to consider and best practices to help you get the best results from key moments in your app

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