Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide

Unlocking Engagement Opportunities Beyond Payment

Mobile wallet is quickly becoming the next big mobile marketing channel. Is your brand ready? There’s a prime opportunity to not only make your customers’ lives easier, but also to engage at a deeper level than traditional marketing channels — all without the need of a dedicated mobile app.

With Urban Airship Reach, marketers can easily create a variety of passes including loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards, ID cards, offers and event tickets, to strengthen the bond customers have with their brands.

Our Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide will explore:

An overview of mobile wallet: What it is and what it looks like

  • Data from industry analysts illustrating the opportunity that mobile wallet provides to marketers, even if a brand does not have a dedicated mobile app
  • 14 real-life mobile wallet use cases to spark inspiration for your next mobile campaign
  • The benefits of Urban Airship Reach

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