Mobile Wallet Toolkit

Information, Ideas and Inspiration to Get Started

Mobile wallet is a great entry point to mobile for businesses — it’s an easy, fast, cost-effective way to enhance your customer’s experience. But many brands are still struggling with how to effectively use it.


We’ve put together a series of resources to help you understand how and why mobile wallet marketing should be put to use. Our Toolkit shares everything you need to know about it — from what it is, to existing consumer demand, customer examples to digital wallet use cases — and how those activities can positively impact your bottom line.

Download our Mobile Wallet Toolkit to get the following:

  • Mobile Wallet Explained: Your primer on this new marketing channel.
  • The State of Mobile Wallet Marketing Report: Don’t take our word for it — see how consumers want to use digital wallets in their everyday lives.
  • Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide: See how different mobile wallet pass types can be used to get inspiration for your own.
  • Mobile Wallet IdeaBook: Ideas companies big and small can easily implement to simplify customer’s lives.
  • Plus, five mobile wallet case studies: Review how some of our customers — GameStop, SXSW, POLITICO Europe, Sprint and WBUR/Modern Love — used mobile wallet to grow and nurture their mobile audience, both connected to and standalone from their app efforts.

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