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10 mobile engagement best practices Whitepaper When should I send a push notification? What's the right message? When should I use push, an in-app message, or email? Download now to get best practices and insights learned from cross-industry engagement results. Download
What is Mobile Engagement, and why does it matter? Whitepaper Learn what qualifies as mobile engagement, and hear some of our most important take-aways for putting it to use for your brand’s app. Download
ABC News Case Study ABC News personalizes through in-app message center, increasing user video streaming 5x with push. Download
AccuWeather Case Study AccuWeather delivers tailored alerts, content to drive engagment. Download
AirBNB Case Study How Airbnb managed to better connect eager globetrotters and gracious hosts. Download
App Love: How to keep your mobile relationship going strong Video From flirting (download) to happily ever after (constant re-engagement), dating apps use gamification & messaging tactics very effectively to form an essential engagement habit. How do you keep your place on a user's device and keep the mobile relationship going strong? We'll share brand examples that helped create loyal customers. Download
Push Notifications Explained Explainer How push notifications work, key differences between iOS and Android push notifications, and more. View
Aruba Networks Case Study B2E app connects remote salesforce, makes selling easier. Download
Benchmarks Series: Push Notification Engagement Rates Whitepaper A study of 3,000 apps, 100 billion push notifications and 500 million users. The second report in our Mobile Engagement Benchmarks series examines push notification engagement rates. Download
Benchmarks Series: Push Notification Opt-in Rates Whitepaper A study of 3,000 apps, 100 billion push notifications and 500 million users. The first report in our Mobile Engagement Benchmarks series examines push notification opt-in rates. Download
Beyond push: Using in-app campaigns to reach your entire app audience Video Push notifications provide a great way to let users know about new promotions and offers to get users back into the app, but are only seen by about half of your audience. How do marketing teams let their users know about new features, customer service messages or news about the app that is vital to helping their users get the most out of it? Download
Canucks Case Study How the Canucks grew their mobile fanbase with a user-first messaging strategy. Download
Capitals Case Study How the Washington Caps use push to give fans the live-game experience. Download
Daily Deal Retailer Case Study A Daily Deal Retailer supercharges its flash sales with push messaging, sees an 80% open rate for notifications. Download Case Study increases active user rates and engagement of mobile apps. Download
Forrester Report: Create mobile moments with messaging Analyst Report This report presents examples of firms that have reconstructed their customer experiences to best leverage the context and intimacy of mobile to deliver extraordinary levels of service. Download
Forrester Report: Mobile is not a channel Analyst Report eBusiness professionals who treat mobile as just a channel will fail. This report outlines the firm's vision for eBusiness executives working on mobile eBusiness initiatives in their organization and helps them succeed on the new battleground of mobile moments. Download
Funky Pigeon Case Study Funky Pigeon uses automated push to deliver content, producing a 1200% increase in conversion over email. Download
Get started with smartwatch notifications Video Join guest speaker Ted Schadler with Forrester Research and Chief Mobile Evangelist Brent Hieggelke from Urban Airship as we discuss the new micro-moment engagement opportunity unlocked by smartwatches like Apple Watch and Android Wear. Download
Hooked Case Study Hooked links college students to nearby offers, with up to an 88.5% influenced open rate on offers shared via push messaging Download
Hootsuite Case Study Hootsuite uses Urban Airship for simple integration, automated messaging, delivering more than 25 million messages in one month. Download
In-App Campaigns Inspiration Guide Inspiration Guide Now you can extend your reach beyond push notifications with In-App Campaigns. These allow you to communicate with app users—those who have opted-in and opted-out of push notifications—giving you the ability to reach all of your audience. Download
Interactive Notification Inspiration Guide Inspiration Guide Our guide to 20+ cross-industry use cases for interactive notification buttons. Download
Lollapalooza Case Study A 60% opt-in rate for push lets Lollapalooza get attendees out of the park and away from a storm in a matter of minutes. Download
London 2012 Olympics Case Study Location based push messages improved the Olympics experience for attendees. Download
Mobilizing The Student Experience Whitepaper Find out what our school of thought is for leveraging mobile apps in the higher educational setting. Download
OPB Case Study Tune-in alerts draw listeners in droves, resulting in a 483% increase in users listening to a specific radio broadcast after sending a push. Download
Paddy Power Case Study Paddy Power doubles down and wins big with push messaging Download
PrayWithMe Case Study PrayWithMe app uses push messaging to create a community of engaged users, achieves more than 19% app open rate influenced by a single push. Download
Redbox Case Study Redbox is America’s destination for new release movies and video games, renting more than 4 billion discs to date. The retailer also uses a notification and in-app message to educate and onboard new users who just downloaded the Redbox app. Download
Rue La La Case Study Rue La La fine-tunes its mobile messaging strategy with Push Composer and Reports. Download
Seattle Sounders Case Study The Seattle Sounders build loyal fans with push and in-app messaging, sees a 33% direct open rate. Download
SXSW 2013 Case Study South by Southwest turned to a push-enabled app to support logistics, engagement, safety, resulting in 45% of app opens being influenced by push. Download
SXSW 2014 Case Study SXSW pairs beacons with push to enhance user experience, achieves 77% opt-in. Download
The Anatomy of a Mobile App User Whitepaper Using the “who, why and what” of mobile app usage to build a better app strategy. Download
The Game of Love Whitepaper How to make your app a user habit: four engagement strategies brands can learn from dating apps Download
The Good Push Index Whitepaper Examining more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications, this study reveals opt-in rates across key industry verticals as well as how push influences users’ engagement and retention rates. Download
The Pocket Guide to Good Push Pocket Guide Learn how Mobile is the new face of engagement. Download
The Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide Whitepaper In the 25-page guide, digital strategy experts share the most effective mobile tactics to increase conversions, cart size and purchase frequency. You’ll find retail-focused strategies to build stronger relationships with your mobile customers. Download
The Travel Whitepaper Whitepaper Our latest whitepaper, dedicated to travel & hospitality brands, shows you the hallmarks of a winning mobile travel app strategy. Get your roadmap to a successful mobile app. Download
Tilt Case Study Tilt aimed to simplify sending and receiving payments on the go, achieved more than 5x open rate for push messages than emails. Download
University of Alberta Case Study University of Alberta keeps students and staff safe with emergency notifications, achieving a 75% opt-in rate. Download
University of San Diego Case Study The University of San Diego communicates with students in real time, with 3x more likelihood they will read push messages than email. Download
University of Windsor Case Study University of Windsor improves students' university experience, influencing 35% of opens with push messaging. Download
Urban Airship B2E Case Study Case Study Urban Airship mobilizes the lunch bell with office-specific B2E message alerts. Download
Urban Airship’s 2014 Holiday Recap Whitepaper This best practices guide details how mobile app messaging and engagement strategies propelled retailers in 2014, using data spanning two years from 150 leading retail apps. Download
Urban360 Case Study Urban360 helps residents make the most of Mexico City with the ability to send 1.5 million push messages in 3 - 5 seconds. Download
US Open Case Study US Open grows engagement with beacons and in-app messaging, sees 53% open rate for US Open live streaming messages. Download
uSamp Case Study uSamp’s iPoll uses automated messaging to engage users, achieves 4x greater push response rate compared to email campaigns. Download
Walgreens Case Study Walgreens has teamed with Urban Airship to power a communications channel that delivers great customer service. Download
Watch Notifications Inspiration Guide Inspiration Guide We developed real-world scenarios for a host of industries, demonstrating how smartwatch notifications help brands move beyond standard mobile alerts into real-time, glanceable moments. Download
Webinar: Get a full tour of Urban Airship’s Q4 2014 release Video Watch the recording to see our product team giving a feature-level tour of the customer facing enhancements, products and capabilities available in our fall release. The new capabilities enable you to boost engagement through interactive experiences, measure ROI, and optimize your messaging strategy with A/B testing. Download
Webinar: Good vs. Great Mobile Engagement Video What separates mobile innovators from firms checking the mobile box? It's simple: ongoing customer engagement. The first key is getting customers to opt-in to notifications. On average, they are 4X more engaged with apps and retained at double the rate of opt-out users. Urban Airship recently compiled the industry's largest study of opt-in rates and trends to provide benchmarks across 15 different industries. Download
Webinar: How to win mobile moments with multi-channel customer context Video Mobile has fundamentally changed customer expectations. They expect access to anything, anytime, anywhere and in context. Organizations that are successfully navigating this shift are transforming their customer journey into mobile moments. Join Urban Airship and guest Forrester Research, Inc. for the recorded webinar.  Download
Webinar: Industry leaders in Mobile Maturity Video This webinar recording covers who is leading—and why—in the race to embrace mobile customers. Join guest Forrester Research, Inc. and Urban Airship as we showcase a data study that reveals trends among the most sophisticated mobile adopters by industry.Findings in the Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report represent survey responses from nearly 500 marketing and technical leaders and senior executives.  Download
Webinar: Interactive Notifications: the next big thing in mobile engagement. Video This webinar recording reviews Urban Airship’s Fall 2014 release: what iOS 8 features matter for messaging, cross-platform interactive notifications, using Widgets for messaging on iPhone and Android devices, conversion tracking, A/B testing and more. Download
Webinar: Master Your Mobile Engagement Toolkit Video We've recently compiled the industry's largest study of opt-in rates and trends, revealing that on average, only 43% of users opt-in to push notifications. Of those who don’t opt-in, less than a third of users engage with an app again after the initial installation. This webinar covers the extra tools needed to unearth new opportunities for brands. Download
Webinar: The power of mobile apps to drive engagement and ROI Video Apps dominate mobile usage but 70% of new mobile app users abandon apps after about a month. Engaging, retaining and fostering loyalty among app users is the biggest challenge that brands face but those that get it right are able to maximize investments to increase the lifetime value of their product. Download
Win Your Battle for Customers with Data Whitepaper How is mobile data integration a game changer? You get a better picture of your customers for extremely effective messaging campaigns when you unite your data streams. Download
Winning strategies for media apps Whitepaper What’s so exciting about mobile apps? For media brands, it’s the opportunity to deliver breaking news—anytime, anywhere. Supercharge your audience engagement.  Download