Your Go-To Mobile Engagement Strategy Guide

This is your guide for discovering the how, where and when of mobile engagement. Mobile is where customers are showing up. You want to be ready with relevant messaging to consistently greet, educate and connect.

Messaging Your Users When It Counts

Mobile engagement can be a real art. The goal is to author messages that will produce an emotional reaction for app users — inspire, interest and bring joy while meeting business objectives. When you do it right, you can win their hearts. When you do it wrong — well, you can’t afford to do it wrong. Use these strategies to help guide you.


Build lasting relationships by leveraging a variety of mobile engagement approaches that deliver real impact to your customer lifecycle strategy. Learn how to coordinate messaging channels, so they work together for a holistic strategy.

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An effective user acquisition strategy is a foundational part of successful mobile marketing. By using cross channel marketing programs and getting the help of your biggest fans (app users), you can boost your acquisition efforts. See how tactics like adding "share" buttons can help you acquire new users.

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Make a great first impression. The first few days are the most important for an app’s success. Over 70 percent of users abandon apps after the first month. By showing off your app’s value right from the start, you do more than live to see another day on their device — you start making your app part of their daily routine. Learn more about onboarding messages.

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Drive actions that lead to ROI. These actions can range from driving ad views and registering new app users to driving product sales. Gain insights into strategies to improve conversions.

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Retaining your users should be a goal, but building loyalty is not something that you can do overnight. Keep app and digital wallet users interested in your brand through retention strategies.

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It’s costlier than ever to market an app. A reactivation message reengages dormant users. Think of it as your last line of defense to protect your investment. Read more about how you can craft the right messages that reinforce the value of your app to get app users to stay.

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