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Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Message Center engagement programs, out-of-the-box and ready to go. Message Center provides a home for persistent, full-page rich content inside your app. Pre-built templates allow you to rapidly upload copy, images and videos to help your message stand out and drive conversion.

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Grow Your Audience

Personalize your messaging to specific users based on where they are in their customer lifecycle.

Welcome New Users

Redbox uses Message Center to present a welcome offer to new users, and has seen redemption increase 300% more than its typical offer.

Redbox app screenshot
Redbox app screenshot
Redbox app screenshot

Drive Conversion

The USTA used Message Center in addition to location and behavioral targeting to promote last-minute ticket offers and achieved a 32% conversion rate.

USTA app screenshot
USTA app screenshot
USTA app screenshot

Build Your Brand

Stream valuable content and create brand advocates.

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REI app screenshot
REI app screenshot

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