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Industry-first platform services bring personalized, interactive notifications to any digital experience and every marketing channel.

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The Shift Toward Mobile Growth

As the mobile platform shift accelerates from smartphones to homes, cars and virtual environments, developers and marketers need to coordinate lightweight, action-oriented notifications integrated into any experience along the customer journey.

  • Multi Channel Multi-Channel Messaging Notify your customers on any marketing channel in your stack.
  • Profile Unified Customer Profile Enrich customer profiles with real-time data from any business system.
  • Report Predictive Insights Measure, analyze and predict customer behavior.

Open Channels

Send notification-style messaging through any channel in your marketing stack. Orchestrate messaging to the devices and channels where your customers prefer to be reached.


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Web Notifications


IoT: Car, Home and More

Now you can send notifications to any addressable device through our powerful APIs.

Internet of Things channels

Individualized Message Delivery

New machine learning algorithms and messaging controls allow you to orchestrate notifications to the devices and channels where your customers want to be reached. Send notifications to their preferred device, target where they were most recently active, reach them on the best channel to get a response.

Open Profiles

Complete Customer Context.

Put an end to data silos. Use our API to collect and process real-time customer behavior, events and attributes from any business system to enrich user profiles. Then segment, analyze and integrate with other systems to your heart’s content.

Predictive Insights

Reduce Churn, Accelerate Growth.

Use the power of machine learning to predict which customers are likely to churn and create campaigns to win them back. It’s like adding a data scientist to your team.

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In the scramble for customer attention and loyalty, only firms delivering the best customer experiences will win. That means supporting all experiences relevant and personal — tailored individually for each customer and in real-time.
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"Digital Insights Will Power Great Digital Experiences”

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