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Alaska Airlines digital wallet example

Go Mobile, Be Mobile

Urban Airship Reach offers a simple yet powerful platform to create mobile wallet marketing programs and campaigns. Create passes for and manage mobile loyalty programs, coupons, promotions, event ticketing, gift cards, membership cards, boarding passes and more.

Connect with customers on mobile beyond the app. Tap into millions of iOS and Android users who already use Apple Wallet and Android Pay apps to manage their digital passes, cards, and tickets.

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Report: The State of Mobile Wallet Marketing

Learn how consumers are using mobile wallets today — and what else they want them for.

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Create Mobile Wallet Passes In Minutes

With drag-and-drop functionality, you can build customized passes (with company logos, images, colors and text) that will automatically work across Apple Wallet and Android Pay. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Now, you can concentrate on building compelling mobile campaigns.

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Personalized Pass Creation En Masse

Effortlessly generate tens of thousands of customized passes that are unique to each of your customers. Include their name, membership number, point values and more. Designed for flexibility, simply import your customer data directly into the Reach user interface.

Take Advantage of Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile wallet solutions like Reach allow brands to reach consumers who don’t have their branded app installed by leveraging native payment apps such as Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Typically pre-installed on iOS and Android smartphones, they enable mobile wallet passes to serve as a communication channel brands may otherwise not have access to.

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REI app example

No App, No Problem

Build new mobile wallet marketing campaigns and programs that "live" on your customers’ mobile devices. Once these digital wallet passes are added into Apple Wallet or Android Pay, you can continuously renew, update, and change your content to keep the passes fresh. Whether you have an app or not, you can still reach your mobile audience.

Powerful Segmentation 1:1

Engage with your customers on a personal level through our powerful, easy-to-use segmentation capabilities. Allowing any information to be tagged to a pass in Reach, you can quickly identify subsets of customers that you want to reach for relevant campaigns.

Example of hotel mobile wallet pass
Retailer digital wallet pass example

Deliver Campaigns Through Existing Channels

Easily deploy new mobile wallet passes to end-customers by leveraging existing channels. Send links through email, push notification, in-app messaging, social, MMS/SMS, print material, etc., to get passes downloaded. Just place a wallet download link anywhere your customers are to promote new campaigns.

Save Money and Confidently Build Campaigns

Regardless of how passes are distributed (email, social, etc.), pricing is determined by conversions (i.e. passes installed onto a phone)

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Continue the Conversation

Start on-going conversations with your customers when you manage your wallet passes. With the ability to mass-update, you can refresh content frequently so your users keep your passes on their mobile devices indefinitely.

No Coding Required

With Wallet’s drag-and-drop interface, creating wallet items is a snap. Our dynamic preview screen allows you to see your design as you go, eliminating the need to send multiple tests to yourself. Links are auto-generated, so you don’t have to worry about code.

Example of a digital wallet pass being created without code
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Ready To Get Inspired?

Learn more about the innovative ways mobile wallets can help you drive results and deepen your mobile engagement with your customers.

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Real-Time Offers and Notifications

Engage with your mobile audience in a convenient, relevant way. Through Reach, pass updates and notifications can happen in real-time on customers’ lockscreens, giving brands the ability to perfectly time and amplify offers when it counts.

Retailer digital wallet pass example
Retailer digital wallet pass example

Location-Based Mobile Moments

Take advantage of our location-aware solution for even better engagement. Send geo-based notifications directly to customers. Deliver timely information when it is most contextually relevant to the customer, when passing by a store or a specific location. Additionally, integrate using our API to create automated campaigns for an even richer mobile wallet experience.

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Save Time and Resources, and Significantly Reduce Costs

Learn how moving to mobile wallet guest passes lead to success for SXSW.

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Retailer digital wallet pass example

Measure, Learn, Improve, Repeat

Boost customer acquisition and sales by employing Wallet’s flexible API to perform advanced segmentation. Tag different sets of customers to build and discover insights, allowing you to deliver relevant offers, passes and coupons tailored to each unique audience type. Learn about install rates, what works and what doesn’t through Wallet’s analytics dashboard.

Save Time and Money

With Wallet, the infrastructure cost and barriers of entry to create marketing programs for loyalty cards, store cards, promos, membership cards, tickets, and more are significantly reduced. Create digital passes for:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Coupons
  • Membership cards
  • Promotions and offers
  • Event tickets
  • Boarding passes
  • Gift cards
  • And more!
Alaska Airlines wallet pass example

Drive App Downloads

Take the opportunity to truly extend your mobile reach – With the ability to “add” your app directly from the pass on Apple Wallet, you now have a new acquisition channel. Additionally, use mobile wallets to complement your app, leveraging Apple Wallet's and Android Pay's native wallet ecosystem to further extend your mobile wallet marketing initiatives.

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