Predictive Analytics for Lifecycle Marketing Success

Our reports reveal opportunities at each stage in the customer lifecycle so you can make better decisions faster — and drive exponential growth.

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Your Data at Your Service

Now marketers (not just data scientists) can create drag-and-drop custom reporting to see predictive analytics for key lifecycle stages.

  • customer data platform insights Flexible Customization Analyze up to 10 dimensions of campaign data to pinpoint what’s working
  • customer intelligence drives smarter segmentation Smarter Segmentation Group customers into cohorts to drive more personalized marketing
  • better customer intelligence drives better digital marketing Faster Impact Use insights to create 1:1 messaging on any channel

Look Forward, Not Backward With Machine Learning

Use Predictive Churn Analytics at key lifecycle stages to identify the acquisition sources, app experiences and campaigns that drive long-term engagement and value.

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Data Scientist-Designed Reports Reveal Growth Opportunities at Every Lifecycle Stage

Our data scientists regularly provide and update Lifecycle Marketing Report templates so you can understand, predict and influence customer behavior in each lifecycle stage.

lifecycle marketing reports for the mobile engagement loop

Acquisition Reports

Net Customer Growth: Go beyond MAU and DAU metrics by calculating new users, churn, uninstalls and reactivations all in one view — for any time period.

Installation Attribution: How well do your various acquisition channels drive app installs — and users least likely to churn? This report shows you.

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net customer growth and installation attribution

Onboarding Report

New User Retention Heatmap: See how effective your welcome series is in retaining new users through the onboarding process and beyond.

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retention heatmap

Conversion Reports

Funnel Reporting: Pinpoint high intent users likely to convert.

Footfall Traffic: Understand the effectiveness of individual messages in driving foot traffic in physical locations.

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Activation Report

Activation Cohort: ID which in-app activities – like completing registration, viewing a video, or using a key feature – encourage more engagement.

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Retention Reports

Predictive Churn: Leverage the power of machine learning: see which of your users have a low, medium and high risk of churn.

Retention Heatmap: Track user cohorts over time so you can see what’s working — and what’s not.

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Re-Engagement Reports

Top Messages Before Uninstall: See which messages may have influenced app uninstalls.

Uninstalled Users Lifetime Metrics: ID user populations with a higher likelihood of re-engaging.

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11 Must-Have Predictive Lifecycle Marketing Reports

Learn more about how to leverage customer data & grow your business.

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