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Why We Built Urban Airship Connect

29 Sep 2015

Two paths are diverging in the marketing technology landscape to answer these needs: closed all-in-one solutions that hopefully provide good-enough capabilities, and specialized solutions that set the pace of innovation in their disciplines. The path you choose has everything to do with the types of experiences you want to provide to customers.

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Redbox Rolls Out The Red Carpet With Welcome Series For First Time Mobile Users

11 Aug 2015

The entertainment industry is a fierce battleground for brands to remain relevant and reach new customers. But Redbox, America’s destination for new-release movies and video games, does just that with its mobile app. Redbox brings mobile engagement to the forefront of its app by sending a welcome message, via push notification, to educate and onboard new users who just downloaded the app. Sent an hour after the app is opened for the first time, it prompts new users to sign up for an account...

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SDK 6.1 Released

2 Jul 2015

We're happy to announce the release of the Urban Airship SDK version 6.1 which provides additional support for our spring release features. Highlights include: Modifying Tag Groups via the SDK iOS Wallet action See our June Release Notes for an overview of the new features and links to setup documentation. For SDK downloads, details, and to subscribe to future updates, see our iOS and Android distribution pages: Urban Airship iOS SDK Urban Airship Android SDK...

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