The Leading Mobile Engagement Platform

Thousands of companies and some of the most demanding brands in retail, media & entertainment, sports and travel & hospitality, trust Urban Airship to deliver the mobile moments that matter to their customers and to their business.

We power how businesses connect and communicate with people by unlocking the full potential of mobile.

People’s walls are up to traditional marketing. They’re harder to reach even when they follow or subscribe. To break through, businesses need a direct mobile connection that takes every experience and message as personally as their customers do.

With Urban Airship, Redbox sends a welcome notification and special in-app offer the first time you open the app and has seen a 300% jump in response. Alaska Airlines was among the first to streamline travelers’ journeys with mobile wallet boarding passes powered by Urban Airship. Tilt sees 5x greater response from notifications versus email for their app that allows you to “split the tab” with your friends.

Only Urban Airship gives companies total control of their mobile footprint — apps, wallets, and user-level data — to deliver experiences people want and love to use across mobile or any other customer touchpoint.

Customers of all sizes have accelerated their business through mobile. Urban Airship makes the difference with relevant, personalized experiences that get noticed and drive action.

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"How do brands take what they have today and put it into a mobile context? That's something that Urban Airship is doing in a very interesting way, with household names that we interact with every day."

Engage Beyond the App

For the first time, companies can expand their reach beyond push notifications to give customers a “wow” experience across the entire mobile surface area, inside and outside of the app, with Interactive Notifications, Message Centers, In-app Messaging, Location, Wallets and Watch. Coordination across all of these touch-points gives brands the flexibility to create a holistic and personalized customer experience, at every right moment.

Only Urban Airship offers unique, ready-to-use engagement Actions that makes sure every experience is relevant and useful. In addition, Urban Airship delivers new levels of customer immediacy with notifications on wearables that users can consume with a quick glance, respond to with a single tap, and trigger actions across the entire mobile surface area.

Tap the Mobile Event Stream

Companies choose Urban Airship to take advantage of one of their most valuable assets: user data from the mobile channel. Urban Airship allows customers to tap into the mobile event stream, adding this rich source of event data to existing customer information to feed strategies that transform the business. This ability to combine comprehensive mobile data along with data from business systems provides customer insights that power tailored experiences with new levels of precision, relevance and timing.

Deliver the Moments That Matter

Urban Airship gives companies the broadest range of capabilities to precisely engage the user in the moments that matter most. For the first time, companies can serve the customer at every relevant, appropriate moment across the expanded mobile surface area, using location, lifecycle state, customer attributes, and cross-channel data to power highly precise mobile experiences.

Ridiculously Great Customer Service

After working with the world's top mobile innovators over the past six years, Urban Airship understands that winning on mobile is an always-on, team sport. A team of dedicated account managers, technical wizards and business strategists work side-by-side with customers to guide and execute their mobile engagement roadmaps. Global implementation and support services are always available, 24x7x365. With Urban Airship, customers have access to a partner with the best practices and knowledge that turn mobile from a “check-box” to a transformative force that drives the business.