Adaptu Wallet Pushes Your Finances Forward

Adaptu Wallet is an online and mobile money management service for people who want to take control of their finances. Adaptu’s free online service lets you see all of your financial accounts - checking, savings, credit cards, retirement - in one secure place.

Adaptu utilizes push messaging for a variety of purposes: transactional banking alerts, personalized messages on spending behavior and financial tips. The messages help ensure that its users won’t miss a bill, can stay on top of their accounts and get the helpful information they need to stay in a comfortable financial situation. “Many people live in a truly mobile world – email communication isn’t fast enough and they just don’t prefer it,” says Benjamin Barniskis, Systems Analysts Operations at Adaptu. “With push, we've given an immediacy to account information that email didn’t quite deliver. We will continue to do email, because it is essential, but from now on it will always be email and push.”

Adaptu’s push preferences are customizable, so that its users get just the messages they want. By explaining the types of notifications they will receive, Adaptu has built a large audience opting-in to its push messaging. The app has seen push get 25x more adoption than SMS alerts.

“Push allows us to move from a reactive to a proactive messaging approach – telling people how they’re doing on their spending or in meeting their goals,” explains Barniskis, “that’s the encouragement factor that has always been missing, and allows for a more personal connection with each customer.”

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