AirMail Launches – Mobile Messaging for iPhone Gets Interesting

Since we announced the developer preview in March, we’ve seen many fantastic beta implementations for AirMail. Today we take the wraps off AirMail and announce its public release.

With the release of AirMail, we’re able to show off our launch partners, the Democratic National Committee and LivingSocial. These apps will use AirMail’s rich interactive and customizable push notifications to bring something innovative to the app world.

The DNC has integrated AirMail into both its Democratic Party and Organizing for America iPhone/iPad apps that were released earlier today. AirMail gives them a great way to engage and mobilize (pun intended) their constituency like never before. Our AirMail service powers the apps’ Alerts, which will notify you of breaking news, events in your local area, and ways you can get involved. Like all AirMail messages, these Alerts allow you to take some sort of action, view video, or RSVP for events — all from within the messages themselves.

Organizing for America has an ambitious plan to reach out to voters this election season and—through the Vote 2010 campaign—reconnect with the millions of people who were inspired to participate in the political process for the first time in 2008. This is smart thinking; so many people get the majority of their news and information from mobile apps that an interactive and customized app is the perfect way to connect with voters on-the-go.

LivingSocial has integrated AirMail into its iPhone app to help power their coupon offers and give them a new way to deliver offers right to users’ pockets. LivingSocial is leading the industry in socializing the coupon, encouraging users to share their deals with friends and contacts – AirMail makes it even easier for LivingSocial users to get great deals in their markets. The LivingSocial app is live in the iTunes app store; you can find AirMail under the “Inbox” tab.

Push notifications are great – we love them of course. They solve a key challenge for mobile publishers who want to engage their mobile app users after they have installed the app. In talking with our customers, they wanted more function from push. They wanted a persistent inbox for the notifications their apps send to users. They wanted to send richer notifications, with things like HTML, video and audio. They wanted more advanced messaging features, such as return-receipt or secure messaging. They wanted a way to directly engage in two-way interactions to obtain real-time feedback, from inside the app.

So we created AirMail. It gives our mobile publishing friends all of that and more.

And we’re just warming up.

If you’d like to learn more about AirMail, please visit our product page or get in touch with someone on our team who can help you tailor a solution for your mobile app today.