Announcing Embedded Push For Android: Powering ESPN ScoreCenter, shopkick, Tapulous and more apps

Today we announced the availability of Embedded Push for Android. As more platforms crop up and as more devices running different versions of Android come to market, developers are challenged to build and maintain the significant infrastructure needed to support mobile features across multiple platforms. We are excited to offer Embedded Push, an alternate push notification solution to C2DM that will help Android developers and users. Our Embedded Push product is more robust than C2DM and works on versions of Android from 1.6 and newer; C2DM works only on devices running Android 2.2 (also known as Froyo) and newer and requires the installation of the Android Market and a Google account on the device. Future versions will automatically give you the option of using either C2DM our our push solution.

As part of this announcement we’re excited to be powering the ESPN ScoreCenter app, the shopkick app and Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge apps with this initial release.

Our Embedded Push solution operates entirely outside the Google stack, which allows developers using Embedded Push to offer richer features and the ability to do more with notification delivery and also making it so you don’t need a signed-in Google account on the device.  Examples of such features in development include “quiet time” customization, allowing end users to define times not to be interrupted, an inbox of past notifications, guaranteed Quality of Service, and return receipt. Additionally, this solution gives each app its own open connection that is synchronized to save battery life. The direct end-to-end connection between each app and end user devices allows near-instant message delivery. The platform will also support in-app purchase on the Android platform, so developers can offer additional content to users within Android apps by offering simple, one-click billing. Urban Airship will provide a single library for Android that includes support for all our product offerings, as well as direct support for C2DM in addition to Embedded Push.

If you are interested in signing up for the Android Embedded Push Beta please sign-up below:

*Beta Signups Closed*

To learn more about the detailed features and behaviors of our push messaging platform across the mobile operating systems we support, reference the table below.