Announcing Urban Airship Priority Push Service

We’ve been really lucky to have lots of fantastic customers. The independent iPhone app publishers that use our services really are–and will continue to be–our lifeblood.

That said, we’ve been getting a few requests from our larger customers:

  •     Real-time messaging – push notifications should take milliseconds, no matter the volume
  •     Fixed messaging costs – nobody wants the potential open-ended cost liability of SMS
  •     Scalable infrastructure – a service provider should grow with you
  •     Reliability – the service should never go down

We’ve heard these requests loud and clear. In response, we’re happy to announce the launch of Urban Airship’s Priority Push Service.

Where is priority push valuable? When you need to ensure push messages are instantaneous. Our priority customers expect the fastest possible messaging solutions at large message volumes and that’s what we deliver.

But that’s not all. Priority Push answers a number of other customer needs, as well:

Real-time messaging: Do you want to send a batch of messages to an entire stadium of people and have them all look at their phones at once? With Urban Airship Priority Push Service, you can. Priority Push provides you with dedicated, hot-standby infrastructure designed to handle any volume to make sure that your messages get to your customers as quickly as possible. Like with all of our services, it’s milliseconds, not seconds, at every message volume – at any time.

Fixed Messaging Costs: Depending on your usage and the specific services you want, we can craft a custom flat rate for your push messaging. This will allow you to budget for growth and deal with unexpected bursts.

Scalable Infrastructure: Urban Airship uses Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to deliver push notifications to our customers. Our knowledgeable team has a great deal of experience with the platform. It’s affordable for you and easily extensible for us. This means that even if your app grows by leaps and bounds, we’ll be right there with you never skipping a beat.

Reliability: Just like our standard service, we have built a redundant set of infrastructure, ensuring that your Urban Airship served messages will be delivered. We also offer service level agreements on our batch, broadcast and tagged messages that can be negotiated to fit your needs.

The priority push service also allows us to do something else – we’re going to significantly drop the costs for independent developers. We’re happy to announce that with our normal service you now get 100,000 messages free per month. After that, it’s just $0.001/message. It’s never been easier to get going with push notifications thanks to Urban Airship.

Take a look at our updated plans and pricing page for more information about our offerings.