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Alyssa Meritt

Head of Strategic Consulting, Urban Airship

Alyssa Meritt is the head of Strategic Consulting for Urban Airship. She helps brands act on future growth opportunities through data-driven insights and compelling storytelling. With over 15 years of CRM, digital marketing, and strategy experience, Alyssa has delivered as a project manager, and generated business results as a leader and strategist. Alyssa was recognized as one of Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch in 2015, and one of the Top 10 Women Mobile and App Leaders by Business of Apps.

Urban Airship’s’ Strategic Consulting team helps mobile innovators like Starbucks and Home Depot plan and optimize their mobile experiences. The team helps craft omni-channel acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies for global clients in almost every vertical.

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Recently By Alyssa Meritt

SMS: Top Ten FAQs (And Answers)
Alyssa Meritt, 13 Nov 2018

The top ten frequently asked questions (and answers!) on SMS to help make the most strategic decisions in utilizing this channel for a marketing stack.   

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The Dirty Little Secret of Mobile Relevance? Content. Get Our Template for Building a Mobile Messaging Plan
Alyssa Meritt, 25 Jul 2016

Getting the right message to the right person, at the right place, at the right time requires someone to actually write content. You can’t just send out broadcast notifications, or repurpose old email campaigns and still be relevant. Mobile messaging includes a whole toolset of ways to communicate: push notifications, interactive notifications, message center and in-app messages. We’ve created a mobile messaging template spreadsheet to help you get started.

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Four Mobile App Marketing Tips From The Kardashians  
Alyssa Meritt, 19 Jul 2016

Really? The Kardashians? Yes. Their brand empire extends to your phone! Mobile offers another channel for stars to engage with fans, and to make money. Since its June 2014 launch, the mobile gaming app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been downloaded 42 million times, and brought in more than $100M, making it an app store hit. Following on this success, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Kourtney each launched their own mobile apps in September 2015. The subscription-based apps offer…

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Why No One is Using iBeacons
Alyssa Meritt, 12 Jul 2016

Since Apple’s unveiling of iBeacons at WWDC 2013, major technology players have placed bets on beacons. But do they live up to their hype? We'll give our take and help you decide if beacons are right for your brand.

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What Makes a Good Mobile App SDK?
Alyssa Meritt, 29 Jun 2016

As part of a recent strategy session with a client, one of the marketers in the room sheepishly asked me, “What makes a good mobile app SDK?” Marketers shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask; as marketing’s evolution continues to grow reliant on various software and technologies, SDKs (software developer kits) and APIs (application programming interfaces) are becoming more relevant. First, SDK vs. API A clear understanding of what makes them “good” isn’t as easy as you’d think. Part of that…

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Everything You Missed at Apps World Germany
Alyssa Meritt, 23 Apr 2016

We exhibited and spoke at Berlin’s CityCube for Apps World Germany this week, one of Europe’s key tech events. A gathering of attendees across the mobile ecosystem, Apps World brings mobile innovators, developers and entrepreneurs together for insightful discussions and debates on the latest in mobile technology. We’ve pulled together some key trends for those who couldn’t attend.

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5 Key Differences Between Android & iOS Marketers Should Consider
Alyssa Meritt, 29 Mar 2016

Many of the clients Urban Airship works with deploy iOS apps as their first foray into mobile because, in the U.S., it often seems as though everyone has an iPhone. While iOS may seem like the predominant platform in the U.S., Android subscribers actually make up 53% of the smartphone market. As of January 2016, Apple came in second at 43%. Given that framework, the distinct differences between Android and iOS and how each impacts mobile engagement are worth considering regardless of audience location.

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Up Your Gym Membership Game With Mobile Wallets
Alyssa Meritt, 10 Feb 2016

Innovative Uses for Mobile Wallet, Series 2 of 5 When you sign up for a gym membership, it's almost guaranteed that you'll receive a member card. That’s one more card you have to carry around or remember to take with you when you go for your workout. Why not offer an eco-friendly, cost saving, easy to use mobile wallet option instead? For some of us, remembering and or getting motivated to go to the gym is a challenge in itself. And your gym wallet pass can help with that too —…

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Winning in Mobile: a Presidential Playbook
Alyssa Meritt, 3 Feb 2016

In 2016, we expect to see candidate apps using increasingly personal messaging to rally supporters. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson have official campaign apps and there a number of supporter-led apps for Bernie Sanders. We expect to see more campaign-led candidate apps as the election continues. While the goals of reaching supporters, educating them on issues, and mobilizing constituents to action remain the same, big data and new mobile messaging tools will allow political campaigns richer access to detailed constituent behaviors, location, and real time responses. Here’s how the candidates might use these tools.

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