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Emily Buckman

Global Strategic Consultant, Urban Airship

Based in our London office, Emily is a Global Strategic Consultant with Urban Airship’s Strategic Consulting team. Emily has worked with top brands in the media and mobile industries to create successful digital innovations, develop winning mobile strategic plans, and nurture strategic partnerships. Before joining Urban Airship, Emily held various positions with Samsung, most recently as the head of CRM and Data.

Urban Airship’s’ Strategic Consulting team helps mobile innovators like Starbucks and Home Depot plan and optimize their mobile experiences. Our experts help craft omni-channel acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies for global clients in almost every vertical.

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Mobile Analytics: Why “Downloads” Is a Counterfeit Metric
Emily Buckman, 5 Jul 2016

Who wouldn’t want to be sat proudly in the top 10 most-downloaded apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and Netflix? But what does the number of downloads of your app really tell you? It certainly indicates you’re doing a great job of marketing it, but unfortunately, it tells you little else. Don’t get me wrong, app downloads are a very important metric – the more customers that have your app, the more likely you are to build a deeper…

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