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Erin Hintz

Chief Marketing Officer, Urban Airship

Erin Hintz is the former CMO of Urban Airship. She has a wealth of enterprise, SMB and consumer marketing experience, having served as the vice president and general manager of global marketing and ecommerce for the Citrix SaaS Division, where she drove all global marketing activities and grew revenues from $350M to $700M. Prior to Citrix, Erin led the worldwide marketing organization of Symantec’s Norton consumer business growing revenues from $350M to more than $2B during her tenure. She has held several executive roles in product management, marketing and public relations.

Erin received her post-graduate diploma in management studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and an Honors B.A. from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She is active in the Silicon Valley community, serving on the board of Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT).

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What is Mobile Growth?
Erin Hintz, 8 Dec 2016

What is mobile growth, and what does it mean for your business? Get the big picture in this blog post, the first in our series on mobile growth.

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Mobile Marketing’s Easy Button is Finally Ready to Push
Erin Hintz, 27 Jul 2016

I have a great deal of empathy for fellow CMOs. We hold the dubious distinction of having one of the only roles whose average tenure has been compared to the gestation period of an elephant — 22 months. Gross on so many levels. In the last decade, the collective “we” managed to double that longevity, and I believe that digital played a key role. Digital made it possible (not necessarily easy) to more directly attribute marketing efforts to measurable business outcomes. Of course,…

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Mobile Engagement Best Practices: Creating an In-App Message
Erin Hintz, 13 Jul 2016

What is In-App Messaging? An in-app message is content that is seen when the user launches the app. The message can appear at the bottom or the top of the app’s screen for a set duration, or until the user interacts with the message. When a new in-app message is sent, it replaces the old message. Neiman Marcus uses in-app messaging to alert users to a new product [see top of app screen].] Benefits of In-App Messaging In-app messages reach your entire app audience and drive mobile…

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