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Greg Weinger

Director, Product Management, Urban Airship

As the director of product management at Urban Airship, Greg is responsible for product strategy and execution of Urban Airship’s real-time messaging, personalization, automation and segmentation platform, Engage.

With 20+ years of software experience, Greg is a master at defining successful product strategy, road maps and requirements, leading cross-functional teams, managing projects, and engineering software. Greg is also adept at working with high-growth startup SaaS companies; before joining Urban Airship, Greg was with Jive, and before that with Yesmail.

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Introducing In-App Automation
Greg Weinger, 9 Mar 2018

See how in-app automation gives marketers & product owners the keys to drive app engagement, retention, feature adoption & revenue — no dev resources required.

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Overcome the 4 Most Common Fears About Interactive Notifications
Greg Weinger, 9 Jun 2016

Interactive notifications are a fantastic yet underused opportunity to drive engagement with your most devoted customers. Many marketers may not be familiar with all the potential use cases for them, or may not even feel like they’ve fully wrapped their heads around them and how they work yet. But it’s easier than you might think. Let Greg Weinger, director, product management at Urban Airship assuage your fears!

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New Developer Framework Support: Titanium
Greg Weinger, 4 May 2016

As part of our goal to make it even easier for developers to adopt Urban Airship Engage, we are pleased to announce support for another key app development framework: Appcelerator Titanium.

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Making Room for New Features and Functionality
Greg Weinger, 2 Mar 2016

Many of you use Engage message composer — our flagship product — to message your mobile app audience. But, in the past year, we've released several new products (Wallet, Connect and Insight) to help you take advantage of the rapidly expanding opportunity mobile is presenting to many businesses. To make it easier to learn more about and use these tools, we're making some updates to the user interface over the next several weeks.

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New Developer Framework Support
Greg Weinger, 11 Dec 2015

Frameworks can accelerate app development by reducing the amount of code necessary to build a mobile app. We're excited to announce our official support for two new mobile app development frameworks: Unity and Xamarin. Combined with official support for PhoneGap/Cordova, we now support three of the top frameworks in market.

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In-App Messaging is now available to all customers
Greg Weinger, 21 May 2015

In-App Messages reach a much wider audience than push notifications alone, with the most compelling, interactive, branded user experience on the market. Now when customers install our latest SDK, it just works right out-of-the-box. We have created a public Quick Start Guide and make full documentation available. Go forth and make great campaigns!

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Watch List: iOS 8 Opt-in Changes
Greg Weinger, 10 Dec 2014

You may have heard about some of the well-publicized features in iOS 8, like Interactive Notifications and widgets, but there are lesser-known behavioral changes in the new OS that could have profound impacts on the end user’s experience.

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SDK 5 Goes Live Supporting iOS 8 Interactive Notifications
Greg Weinger, 17 Sep 2014

September was another busy month at Urban Airship. We continued to develop and ship items on our long-term road map while also responding to the latest iOS feature announcements with a major release to our iOS SDK. Combined with API support for interactive notifications in iOS 8, the SDK 5 release for iOS 8 allows our customers to begin planning and deploying their interactive notification strategy today. UI support for these features is coming; watch this space for updates. We also…

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Urban Airship August Release Notes: Message Expiration
Greg Weinger, 12 Aug 2014

We understand that not all notifications are created equal. Time-sensitive messages can become irrelevant or outdated quickly, often immediately, if they are not delivered right away. Urban Airship’s Expiration feature allows you to attach an expiration window to any message center offer. For example, you could set expiry for a Labor Day Weekend offer so that it is removed when the sale is over, helping you reduce clutter and keep your users’ content fresh and relevant. You might…

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Urban Airship July Release Notes Part II: Amazon SDK now available
Greg Weinger, 14 Jul 2014

Building off of our early support for new interactive features in iOS 8 announced the beginning of July, we’re happy to let you know that our Amazon SDK is available today. Check out the release notes and download Urban Airship’s Amazon SDK. Developers gain complete functional parity for Urban Airship messaging to Amazon Fire phone and Kindle Fire tablets, enabling them to take advantage of the same targeting, composition, automation, delivery and API options that they enjoy for…

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Early Access to iOS 8 Support
Greg Weinger, 2 Jul 2014

NOTE: this post also published on our company blog. We’re extremely excited about the new interactive features coming to iOS 8 as users will be able to take immediate action directly from notifications themselves, which reduces friction for bidirectional communication. Using simple buttons embedded in notifications users can immediately signal that they want more or less of certain types of messages, or initiate specific actions to happen within apps. Since Apple’s June…

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Fire Up Messaging To Amazon Devices
Greg Weinger, 24 Jun 2014

Last week we witnessed Amazon release an important new entry to the smartphone market, with Fire phone. Today, Urban Airship announced full native support for Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), becoming the first solution with complete functional parity for Amazon devices alongside the other primary mobile operating systems. Apps developed for Fire phone and Kindle Fire tablets can leverage highly targeted push messaging, rich in-app content and real-time mobile marketing automation to…

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Amazon’s Fire Phone Merges Digital and Physical Worlds with Firefly
Greg Weinger, 18 Jun 2014

With the release of its new Fire Phone today, Amazon enters the global smartphone market in a development we think will be great for consumers and the industry. At Urban Airship we’ve been watching this development with excitement, and have every reason to believe this new smartphone is going to be highly successful and potentially disruptive. Amazon already has one of the best-selling tablets on the market. With its thriving mobile app ecosystem, robust web services, content…

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