BzztHaunted: Coolest use of Push Notifications we’ve seen

BzztHaunted (iTunes link) is a new app by Jason Wilson of Platial fame and former resident of the Urban Airship offices.

Jason wanted to get something up and running quickly over a weekend once with something he describes as an app that just plays a random sound at random times. It was a hackfest and none of the other projects seemed like as much fun so Jason decided to build this himself. The key was having push notifications to trigger the sounds. Jason worked for awhile to directly talk with Apple’s service but then changed his mind when we showed him our easy-to-use API. Minutes later he was done (with that part anyways).

BzztHaunted is the Halloween version of the original idea. Once installed with push enabled, it will randomly play a scary Halloween sound during the day. That’s it. If nothing else, its a fun reminder that Fall is upon us and to maybe go carve a pumpkin. Its also a great conversation starter when it goes off in line at the local coffee shop.

Here’s to looking forward to the Christmas version of Bzzt coming to an app store near you this Winter.