Christmasfy Me brings personalized greeting cards to your iPhone

Thirtynine LLC is delighted to introduce Christmasfy Me 1.0 (iTunes link), their free greeting card utility for iPhone and iPod Touch. Just in time for the holidays, Christmasfy Me lets anyone christmasfy their picture by adding cute Christmas elements. When done, users can share their new Christmasfied picture via email, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Designed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique capabilities and touch sensitive interface, Christmasfy Me is an incredibly simple-to-use application and ships with 3 elements to use right away. Users can add Christmas themed elements, such as Santa’s beard and hat, reindeer horns and elves ears, to pictures in their library or to pictures they are taking inside the app. Easily resize, rotate or reposition any element to align them into place. Tired of one element? Tap on it 3 times and it will magically disappear.

Thirtynine spent much time on the overall quality experience, making Christmasfy Me’s user interface much easier and intuitive. With its in-app purchase ($0.99 USD), at any time users can unlock another 37 elements. The folks at Thirtynine needed to get up and running quickly with their in app purchase and looked to us here at Urban Airship and our StoreFront service.

“Thanks to Urban Airship, we where able to quickly implement in-app purchase in our Christmas application, saving us huge headaches. What’s the point of reinventing the wheel when somebody already did it for you? And if you need support, you can speak with a real person in just few minutes. Priceless” said Davide Di Cillo, founder of Thirtynine LLC.

With the holidays in full-swing, what better way to spread some Christmas cheer than with Christmasfy? Happy holidays!