Customer Spotlight: FitStar Offers Your Own Virtual Personal Trainer with NFL Tight End Tony Gonzalez

Between obligations at home and in the office, getting fit can be hard. Not knowing the proper exercises to reach your goals is also a huge hindrance Fortunately, FitStar takes the guesswork—and time—out of researching what exercises are best to meet your resolutions.

The app creates customized exercise routines tailored on the fly based on your age, weight, performance of each exercise and the activity of people just like you. Helping you get motivated before each exercise is former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, a 13-time Pro Bowl pick, who acts as your own virtual personal trainer through high-quality videos.

Whether you're frequent flier, busy mom, or both, this app lets you take your personal trainer with you everywhere you go. After each workout, you're asked how long you kept up and the difficulty of the exercise. With two clicks, FitStar's algorithm calibrates the intensity of future workouts, gradually ramping up intensity to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

FitStar’s customization can also draw on data collected by wearable fitness trackers made by Jawbone and Fitbit—currently leveraging data about your overall activity level and sleep habits with future plans to integrate with gear that measures real-time data like heart-rate.

While the app is free, $5 a month unlocks all of its features, such as the "Bootcamp," "Arm Yourself," and "Breakthrough" freestyle routines, which run between 15 and 30 minutes. If you’re a basic member, you can take advantage of the free "7 Minute Workout," which is great if you’re just looking for a quick workout during the middle of your workday.

Opt-in to push notifications and you can expect alerts that will help you stay on track and informed of your friends' latest routines. Additional alerts are delivered based on the timing of your previous Sessions, offering an audible nudge to stay consistent with your workouts. FitStar also offers incentives for completing workouts such as coupons for's MP3 store, rewarding the formation of healthy habits.

Download the app on iOS today and learn the workouts to help you reach your goals this year.