Customer Spotlight: Weight Watchers Helps You Make Smart, Satisfying Food Choices

In many ways, the beginning of each year serves as an ideal catalyst for making changes. One such change we’ll all inevitably strive to achieve involves living a healthier lifestyle. And of course, there are a plethora of apps to help with that.

The Weight Watchers mobile app provides an ideal healthy eating companion, tracking what you consume in relation to your weight-loss goals. While non-subscribers have access to some of the app’s features, people who’ve joined the Weight Watchers program can take full advantage of app functionality including the Snap & Track feature that lets you take a picture of your meal and track it later. Interactive charts help you stay on top of your weight-loss progress, while opting in to receive push notifications offers meal- and weight-tracking reminders to help form healthy habits.

The app also has a barcode scanner that helps you take the guesswork out of determining ideal portion sizes when shopping at the grocery store. For instance, scanning a can of soup's barcode will tell you its number of points so you can make informed decisions at the point of purchase.

Along with the weight-tracking capabilities, the app is packed with thousands of searchable foods, recipes and meals, should you need some healthy culinary inspiration. The app also features a number of workout ideas, spanning the other tenant of healthy living.

If you aren't a subscriber, don't fret! The app has a couple of educational tools like featured recipes and articles to help you make smart food choices, including Cheat Sheets on drinks and pizza for nights out on the town.

Download the app on iOS and Android.