Enable Gifts that Keep on Giving with Mobile Wallet

Not sure what to get the person that has everything? Gift cards are a great way to give friends and family exactly what they want or need, and, let’s face it, they are super easy and convenient for gifters too. According to a 2014 National Retail Federation survey, 62 percent of shoppers said they would like to receive a gift card, making it the most requested gift item eight years in a row(1). Mobile wallets allow retailers to host these gift cards as passes, and deliver them to recipients quickly and easily.

Mobile wallet not only helps consumers avoid over-stuffed, cluttered wallets — reminiscent of the Costanza wallet —  it cuts down on hard costs for printed plastic and paper. Additionally, mobile wallet passes give consumers flexibility, as there are multiple ways to send recipients their gift card, such as text, email, or social profile.

Another issue brands face with traditional gift cards is that they are misplaced or lost by recipients — as many as a of quarter consumers have lost a gift card before spending the entire balance, and billions of dollars on gift cards go unspent(2).

With mobile wallet passes, brands can notify gift card holders when they are near a physical store location and remind them to use their gift card. This helps recipients use their gift — increasing customer satisfaction — while driving more foot traffic for the retailer (and therefore, more purchases). Mobile passes can also be updated when a recipient makes a purchase with the remaining balance, so they’ll never have to guess how much is left on their gift card.

In addition, as an added benefit, brands can highlight links to their app or website, along with physical location or contact information on the back of the pass to encourage people to move from a transactional “got to use the gift card” focus to a deeper, more loyal relationship. With Urban Airship Wallet, brands are able to easily customize the look and feel to match your visual identity as well as update passes on the fly with dynamic pass management, allowing brands to update their passes, or even send a reminder about an upcoming expiration date.

Mobile wallet opens possibilities beyond the holiday season so you can spread the cheer year round. Passes can be used to issue mobile tickets for special events, coupons, or loyalty cards. Our Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide shares use cases and ideas brands can implement into their own mobile strategy. Check it out for ideas you can implement today!

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