Fire Up Messaging To Amazon Devices

Last week we witnessed Amazon release an important new entry to the smartphone market, with Fire phone. Today, Urban Airship announced full native support for Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), becoming the first solution with complete functional parity for Amazon devices alongside the other primary mobile operating systems. Apps developed for Fire phone and Kindle Fire tablets can leverage highly targeted push messaging, rich in-app content and real-time mobile marketing automation to drive greater relevancy, and richer more responsive experiences for users.

Early Access customers are already testing the new capabilities, and starting July 14 our customers can download our new Amazon SDK. From there it’s a simple integration to begin pushing to any Kindle Fire tablet device or the new Fire phone.

On release, we’ll provide the most sophisticated capabilities on the market with full solution parity for messaging to Amazon devices. Amazon is now a full member of our Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) stack, which means you get to take advantage of the many capabilities Urban Airship provides, including:

  • Message Composer Support
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Rich Pages:  delivery as Landing Pages or to a Message Center
  • Rich Actions: push to URL, Deep Links, Dynamic Segmentation
  • Push-level Analytics (deeper reporting after initial release)
  • Full API

What It Looks Like
Here are some examples of what pushes look like on Fire phone:

In the third screenshot note the new Fire phone Home carousel, which includes a large icon with a badge counter with the most recent messages in the message center appearing underneath.

Here are some examples of rich content delivery to the Fire phone. In the first we’ve sent a Landing Page that opens when the user taps the notification. In the second, we show how it looks when you’ve integrated our Message Center into an Amazon app. The third shot show shows how rich content looks from within a Message Center.

And keep in mind these are just examples. You have the same freedom to create custom branded experiences on Amazon apps as you do on Android or iOS.

Finally, here are some views of how we’ve enhanced our Message Composer to fully support the Amazon platform:

Once a message is sent, we’ll display them in our message history:

Urban Airship has supported push to Kindle Fire devices since Day One through our legacy solution, Helium. We will fully support customers currently on that platform to help them migrate to ADM.

Amazon already has one of the best-selling tablets on the market and with the introduction of Fire phone, developers and brands have a rare opportunity to almost automatically increase distribution of apps and reach a broader audience as most Android and HTML5 apps will already work on Fire.

So mark the date, 7/14, when you can take steps to fire up mobile engagement with our new Amazon SDK.