Go Beyond Push Notifications to Engage Your Entire Audience with In-App Content

As the voice of mobile apps, push messaging is critical to drive greater engagement and build loyalty. Push notifications can deliver mobile moments of delight, lighting up users’ mobile device home screens with real-time information and alerts that might instantly provide them everything they need to know in a glance, or drive them to open your app to take action or access deeper information. Perhaps you’ve also adopted the tenants of Good Push and Mobile Relationship Management, giving users control and using everything you know about them to ensure messages are personally relevant and serve their needs.

Yet, despite all your best efforts, you still have a portion of your app audience that decides not to opt in to your push notifications. You’re not alone. We see push opt-in rates vary wildly between apps, with as much as 95% or as little as 5% of users opted in to receive them.

You might also recognize that not every message is appropriate to light up your users’ home screens. Not every communication requires the immediate attention that push notifications garner. Some messages—video highlights, mobile coupons, free downloads, tutorials—are more beneficial when stored in a place where users can easily return later to consume this content at their convenience.

Today we are excited to announce next-generation enhancements that will enable you to engage your entire app audience or specific audience segments with rich in-app content. We took what we learned from progressive customers utilizing rich push, including the London Olympics, Rip Curl and ParaNorman to expand our in-app messaging capabilities, which now include rich app pages and in-app message centers. And today, as an industry-first, you can deliver rich in-app content and in-app messaging tailored to users’ location history profiles, behaviors and preferences.

A completely redesigned, easy to use interface features a single workflow to create, preview and send push notifications or rich app pages that can contain multimedia content, offers, surveys and more—anything you can put on an HTML page. App users can see this content through rich app pages inserted within the the app, or in an in-app message center that offers an always-there, communications hub, which can be completely customized to your brand’s look-and-feel. With badge updates to notify users of new messages, in-app message centers offer a centralized place for more personalized, richer content that keeps users coming back and helps drive business results.

For rich app pages, we included several responsive design templates for easy content creation and delivery across the major mobile devices and platforms. We’ve also introduced more actionable and deeper analytics for more precise insight into the performance of individual messages, including new top-line aggregate insights and message responses over time.

The short of it is reach, relevance and rich engagement, which not only includes multimedia content, but the opportunity to establish an ongoing dialogue with users. The possibilities are endless:

  • Address your entire audience or targeted segments with rich video content, redeemable codes and click-to-add digital wallet items using a rich app page which can optionally be paired with a push
  • Solicit opinions or send coupons to users who abandon your in-app cart
  • Send a welcome message and digital concierge offer to VIPs of your hotel loyalty program upon entering a new geography
  • Tailor offers to users’ behaviors to motivate greater app engagement and conversions: frequent vs. infrequent app usage, product affinities, physical location, etc.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and plans for leveraging these enhancements.