Introducing Push Composer and Reports

We are excited to announce two new additions to the Urban Airship product lineup: Push Composer and Reports.

2011 is the year that mobile apps need to prove their value. With thousands of apps fighting for consumer attention and an average app lifespan of one month or less, developers and marketers need powerful tools. Push has proven to be a valuable means of increasing app engagement and lifespan. So we are making the creation and management of Push much easier with Push Composer. We believe that data beats opinion so we are putting more data in the hands of our customers with Reports.

Push Composer is a significant update to our Push Notifications product. Our customers now have an easy-to-use web interface with the ability to compose messages, define audiences, and schedule deliveries, all without a single line of code or technical understanding. Now app owners, product marketers, editors, and any stakeholder in the organization can connect with users and increase engagement as easily as updating their Twitter status.

UA Reports provides app makers with the ability to measure user engagement. We know from experience that successful apps use notifications in a meaningful, engaging way. In order to continually improve user experience, it’s important to understand how users respond to messaging and content. Upon release, we’re offering the ability to track app opens, time in app, and push volume over time, and rolling out new metrics soon.

Both of these products are in private beta now and we’d love your feedback. In order to participate, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with the details. When we officially release these products in the coming month or two, they will be supported on iOS and Android with other platforms to follow.

Read the full release here.

*Beta Signups Closed*
Push Composer with Android Preview

Reports – Time in App