iRxHelper with Urban Airship Powered Push

iRxHelper (iTunes Linkicon) is an application created specifically to help you track your prescriptions. By entering your prescription information into the application, the program will show you which prescriptions need to be refilled within a week (an adjustable value) via a badge on the application’s logo. This is a highly useful feature to make sure you don’t get stuck trying to refill prescriptions at the last minute. Now with push notifications, you don’t need to launch the application to get reminded of upcoming refill dates!

This program allows you to enter multiple family members, so you can not only keep track of your prescriptions, but you can keep track of your family’s prescriptions as well as those of your pets and elderly parents. Urban Airship was pleased to work with the folks at JAZ Software Solutions to help power the push notification side of their application.

“As part of a small development team, setting up push notifications seemed like a daunting task. We found Urban Airship and within a couple hours we were sending push notifications to our app. The documentation was clear and helpful and the developer support was very responsive and open to new feature requests” said Joseph Zuromski, Owner of JAZ Software Solutions.