Push: Social Media’s Mobile Secret Weapon

Recently Brad Feld, managing director at Foundry Group, wrote a great post about the importance of comm channels for audience engagement.  Summarizing the post, Brad refers to email as the perfect comm channel for online social media.  Mobile requires a different tool for social to be most effective.  Push Notifications are quickly proving to be the perfect social media audience building comm channel for mobile.  We are seeing hundreds of apps including Gowalla, DittoSoundtracking and Pose, using Push Notifications to promote social engagement.

Brad has a strong position on how to think about implementing comm channels,
“My message to all web developers – if you are serious about what you are doing, focus on your app. Don’t waste precious development time on all the activities around the app. You likely no longer sit around with a screwdriver setting up a server in a datacenter – instead you are using a cloud provider like Rackspace or Amazon.  Don’t spent your time coding up an email notification infrastructure – use SendGrid. And if you are a mobile developer, don’t waste your time writing a bunch of code for push notifications – use Urban Airship.  Most importantly, don’t ignore the thing that will actually make your web app get adoption and retention – comm channels!”


Fred Wilson, Principal of Union Square Ventures, started the conversation with his great point of view on the subject.  We couldn’t agree more Brad and Fred.  Thanks for the prospective guys.

We would love to hear from developers who are using Push Notifications to create social loops in their mobile apps.  If you are interested in sharing your story we could love to hear from you.