Customer Spotlight: SnipSnap App Helps Consumers Save Money While Providing Value Along The Way

Picture this: A customer, shopping for last-minute gifts, finds themselves about to check out with a few great products they've picked. Right when they're about to use the 25% off coupon they clipped earlier in the week, they realize they forgot it. Knowing how much could have been saved, they decide to leave—without the gifts and annoyed they left the coupon at home.

SnipSnap takes the frustration out of couponing by providing users exactly what they want—a mobile solution to curb costs and engage brands they love. At the same time, retailers are provided with a targeted coupon strategy that increases customer acquisition on a pay-for-performance model.

From the dollar off coffee to the 20% off special, missing out on savings is something people dislike and they’re not alone. Still, the problem is so common that 84% of consumers routinely leave their coupons at home. Yet, coupons have become so important to shoppers that 42% will abandon an in-store purchase because they forgot their coupon.

Users capture pictures of coupons with their smartphones, and the app converts these coupons into fully mobile, optimized versions that can be scanned in-store. The app is social, too, allowing users to connect with friends to share coupons.

If users don’t have coupons on hand to scan, they can use SnipSnap’s “Discover” screen to browse featured retailers or search for deals other users have ‘snipped’ or saved. The app also organizes coupons into bundles for easy access.

Mobilizing the coupon process isn’t enough though. Users can opt-in to receive reminder via push notifications that alert them when a coupon is set to expire—in days or weeks—or when a friend joins SnipSnap, follows you, Snips or redeems a coupon, or creates a bundle. The company also sends push notifications to users about once every two weeks that contain big offers, news and coupon reviews.

SnipSnap partners with retailers to help target mobile couponing on a pay-per-performance model for their brand. This alternate distribution method helps retailers take advantage of its built-in audience by pushing interesting and relevant messages to individuals who are already their brand loyalists and using the SnipSnap app.

The coupon app has seen a payoff with a 10-20% conversion rate across retailers with location-based push enabled. The conversion rate is even higher for one of the company’s retail partners in the Arts & Crafts category, where they saw a 42.4% conversion rate.

Context is key and SnipSnap has taken steps to ensure users receive the kinds of messages that will keep them engaged and offer real value. Take the next step in meeting the savings goal you didn’t you know could reach.

Download our latest case study on SnipSnap, and then save yourself some frustration and download the SnipSnap app on iOS or Android so you can store those coupons on the one thing you won’t be without during the frenzied last-minute shopping weekend.