Customer Spotlight: The Cinemark Theatres App Rewards Moviegoers for Silencing their Phones

Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than going to our local movie theaters to escape the cold, damp fall weather and immerse yourself into a world of action, drama, romance or comedy for a few hours. However, as more and more people enter theaters, so do their smartphones.

There is nothing more distracting than seeing a small bright screen light up in the row in front of you during a movie. Theaters often precede films with quick messages encouraging attendees to silence their phones, but to little avail. Consequently, Cinemark has devised a way to combat this growing issue, while still increasing usage of its official app.  

Simply download the Cinemark app and press the CineMode button conveniently located on the app home page. A brief message will appear on the screen reminding users to silence their phone and press a button to activate CineMode. If users remain in CineMode for the duration of their film, they will earn a digital coupon, such as a free fountain drink or popcorn for a future visit. 

In addition to rewarding moviegoers for attending a Cinemark Theatre, the chain is using its mobile app to streamline the process of seeing a movie. Users can view trailers for movies, find nearby Cinemark theatre locations and showtimes via GPS, securely purchase tickets within the app and stay social by sharing showtimes, locations and movie info via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. They can also create a My Cinemark account to bookmark favorite theater locations and view gift card balances.

If you plan on making a trip to Cinemark Theatres, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be rewarded. Download the free Cinemark Theatres app for iOS and Android, and check out its video on Cinemode rewards.