The Countdown to Apple Watch: How the Urban Airship Platform Helps You Take Advantage of Wearable Marketing

If smartphones are the remote control for our lives, then Apple Watch promises to extend that metaphor to the wrist with quick glances and actionable notifications that reduce the need to pull your iPhone out of your pocket or purse.

Apple Watch will offer less friction, greater convenience and more control for consumers, and offers the opportunity for businesses to extend their mobile presence to the wrist with simple interactions and notifications that inform, surprise and delight.

Today, we're excited to announce our forthcoming support for WatchKit, enabling businesses and developers to extend their mobile experience to Apple Watch.

(Update: Our Apple Watch Primer, which includes Apple Watch notification display styles, and how to send push notifiations to Apple Watch through the Urban Airship platform is now in our Docs.)

While there are still some unknowns pending Apple’s official launch, WatchKit makes two things abundantly clear:

  1. Developers can extend their iPhone experience with timely and easily consumable content optimized for the wrist
  2. Actionable notifications will be the most powerful form for these experiences

As the only mobile experience and engagement vendor with out-of-the-box support for button-enabled notifications, we can help you get Apple Watch experiences to market faster and in ways that help ensure end-user delight.  Simple taps on the Apple Watch face will give consumers a powerful control to respond to messages, set their preferences, and execute actions within your app and others.


Our Watch Notifications Inspiration Guide has examples and ideas you can use to up your wearable marketing game and create glanceable push notifications your customers will love. Download it today!

Many of our product investments in our mobile app engagement platorm, Engage, are ideally suited for this new era of glanceable mobile moments needed for effective wearable marketing, including:

  • Advanced segmentation: Send the most relevant message to begin with, combining everything you know about users — app behaviors, app preferences, message and button taps, CRM integration, and location and proximity.
  • Real-time marketing automation with dynamic segmentation: Seamlessly capture button taps for automated messaging campaigns and future targeting efforts for highly relevant and responsive experiences.
  • Lightning-fast notifications and beacon support: Many Watch notifications will require immediacy and situational context, like beacon proximity or real-time geofences.
  • Industry-leading Actions framework: Trigger app-based experiences within your app and others, from serving up deep-linked content or invoking native social-sharing capabilities, to setting calendar appointments or initiating phone calls.

We’re particularly excited about the new experiences and interaction models that Apple Watch will introduce. The best way to get ready for Apple Watch is to start using these new interactive notification capabilities in your iPhone apps - and start tacking advantage of your new wearable marketing opportunities today!

If you’re still finalizing how you’ll take advantage of wearable marketing and use glanceable moments to drive deeper engagement and garner more insight outside of apps, talk to our strategic consulting and implementation teams. We can help formulate and execute strategies to optimize and streamline user experiences. We’d love to hear from you!